31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life

21 Daily Affirmations For Your Daily Good

Positive daily affirmations

You Can Prove Yourself
Justice with job (100 %; perfection, commitment), position (no alternate of you possible). 

Be Your Own Motivation

Problem is constantly part of your life. You cannot avoid it. Let it be part of your life, not life. 

Let's Turn I Wish into I will

Life Transformation is one moment grab (decision), you need to learn how to grab that moment and take the decision.

It's About You

Shuffling means not stable and no justice to one particular field. Importance of consistency and persistence.

Don't Take Your Family For Granted

Family is very important; it can fail you or make you successful. 

Start to Compete with Yourself

You have not used your capacity and capability to achieve the level; you are being created for.

Don't Decrease the Goal, Increase the Effort

Emotional story or result; how you prove yourself; decide.

Thinking Drives behaviors and Action
Recognition of your passion; listen to yourself; not others. Listen to inner voice. Two births; one is when he came to this world; other when he found (recognised) his passion (the purpose of his passion). Imam Malik. Edhi lost two elections; Allama Iqbal was not successful in competition exam. Great people have great failure story. Right person on right place is success. We people are following society trend; not passion. Book; Hero; Rhonda Byrne; How to discover ourselves. Second compass is inspiration from some role model. You become moved by the personality; you are inspired from. The passion you have; you will be inspired from same type of personality. Lion, scientific, writer, speaker, player; read and listen your inner. 'Thinking drives behaviors. Behaviors drive action. Action drives results. No tool can fix poor thinking.' A person’s thinking and behavior patterns make them extremely predictable. 

Shoes are Teaching
Shoes have Laces; we can tight and loose them according to situation. Same we have attitude and other things to fix. 
Reminds us to live down to earth. Either expensive or cheap; remains in the feet. Carry our heavy weight; shoes having light weight carry heavy weight. So we have to respond to bitter situations in life. Change is a fact in life; shoes need cleaning and polish; maintenance. Body needs food and exercise, plants need water; same is mind. Listening, speaking, watching good stuff. Shoe is only useful as pair; very, very, very important; the extent you eliminate I and me; the more valuable you become; family, relationship, business, travel everywhere. Goat is slaughtered because of me, me. Us (unity) has me too but with value. 
With new shoes, we feel difficulty in start; but by the time it settles down. We have comfort zone with old situations; shoes; it needs patience to deal with. In case of exercise; pain; learning something new; like getting up early in the morning; adjustment with new routines takes time. Sole / soul; foundation; need to be very strong. Soul means; ME. We have to work on me; self reflection, self actualisation. 

Success is Here
Failures make us mature; we have infinite potential and energy; doesn't mean that we are suffering proof. Real success is making effort; knowing that failure possibility is there. Disability and weakness was the base of every success story in the history. Unfortunate is one; who has not faced any problem. Lion of circus is not lucky. Nature has a lot to teach. There is no guarantee of 100% success anywhere. You become brave after dealing with failures. Failures and success always remain close and close. Sticking with success / failure stops growth. Maturity never comes theoretically. Unlimited number of experiments make you bold and mature. Now I don't have any greed of success and no fear of failure. This is freedom state. 
Life has countless problems; we have two options; face and deal with; we will grow as per situation. The other option is to give up; now we made us smaller as compared to the situation. 
I'm bigger / stronger than any situation; this option helped you to grow. Always we have two options; face or give up. You will have to face the challenges. Pushed out to quit the office etc. Everything was rented; camera, studio; but was talking about partnership; not job. I was believing that fake as true. Each success story has this base, even at that time; a great confidence I had. MEDITATION for 10-15 minutes; I am so fortunate as compared to millions people; their dream life I have. People are in this world having no clean water, have to eat from trash. It will be lottery for them to become live like you right now.ONCE you comprehend this concept; now journey is easy. Now you are FEARLESS. 
Big house, expensive car, property; tireless efforts. Worried not attaining those. Not real way. The REAL success is losing everything doesn't take your smile. The big FEAR, the big stuck. I'm careless about anything. Start is here; end is here; this is the moment. Then listen to your heart. Enjoy this moment. Help someone, help yourself. Play, sing, whatsoever. It is our passion which attracts the attention of the world. Do something from your HEART; it will be a magnet. People will have no choice to go away. 

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