Every Being in This Universe is Unique
Frustration is root, seed for anger. When we compare our children with others and ourselves with others, we get stuck. This frustration takes time inside to convert into anger and then expression. If not expressed then we get depressed. Expression would result into fight. So, what to do? Like we compare our children with other children, if children get chance to compare us that would be big ridiculous. Parenting you do very well but in one cram exam you left behind. Now for whole rest of life you got tagged with less score. Another parent don't know alphabet of parenting, got max score in that cram exam and they were tagged very talented. 

Kids have great potential, great qualities. We are comparing them in a very limited area and tagging them whatsoever. We measure genius with score mark which is not true all the time. We do two extremes; flattering or criticism. Both are wrong; we must be clear between appreciation and flattering. Like way criticism must be within limits. Competition and comparison are one and same thing. This is all outer world game.

We must make strong ourselves from inner. I'm unique, every being in this universe is unique. 

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Live The Life You Desire (Thoughts)
We are addicted for appreciation, blessings, pure powerful energy. We can do the same. Provide blessings all around you. Our every thought and every word should be blessing for others. This is divine way. What we are observing, is not our thought. Our thought is our action. Thought creates situation; not vice versa but this is misconception all over. If we let situation to create thought, situation will become more complicated. 

Real Situation; I have no good relationship with ABC. Bad thoughts will deteriorate it more. I need this relationship ideal. I will create blessings and positive thoughts for him. I'm pure soul. I've very good relation with him (this is my meditation). I started creating and radiating vibrations. Previously, I was doing opposite. It does not take two people to heal a relationship, it takes only one person to heal a relationship. Sometimes we feel pleased and sometimes sad due to energy people send for us. We can change our thought, and it will influence our body. I'm sick; the body is receiving unhealthy message. Creation of thought and belief work together with medicine for healing. From google and friends; mind received information; mind creates thought, and it creates situation. Sometimes people don't know side effect, and they are not suffered from it. Communication affects. Power of words is there. Words create thoughts. Ten people; with same disease; same doctor; same medicine - respond in different way. There is one additional factor; thoughts. Side effect study. Research data is based on majority (normal). Thoughts manifest action. We find few people without side effects (miracle). Credibility is with majority. We have option to increase this little miracle figure or 'normal' majority figure. Use power of information on thoughts; thoughts on reality. 

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Destiny is Your Choice: BK Shivani (English)
No more hate thoughts; changing process of thoughts. One is needed to start the process of change. Some people leave very good effect and others leave opposite (even relatives). This is all due to thoughts. Relationship is not based on the label, it is based on the quality of energy (thoughts), we generated. Gifts exchange mentality; depends on what they gave. If I'm 100% sure that same gift will come back after one week, then I will give according to my like. Gift love and you will be winner. As you sow, so shall you reap. Wishing blessing is a thought. Legal proceeding and hate are two different things. Settle your conflicts ASAP; and send positive vibration for all. If all people think bad about one; it cannot produce any effect. When he himself will think, why people are thinking negative about me; it will affect him. We exclude ourselves from our destiny which is wrong. Thoughts may affect (influence) thought process and we misinterpret it as destiny. If we pray daily and well connected with the Creator, we can save ourselves. Thoughts pure, destiny secure. We are so isolated that we are used to hide even our achievements. Fear and misconception is all over. Let's improve the quality of our thoughts. Jealous and negative thoughts are a suffering and punishment for 24/7 in pain and insecure. Emotional diseases have more sufferings and have no treatment as compared to physical sufferings. Pill's dependency is distraction of pain and will lessen will power and will deepen the wound. Doesn't create fear that others are thinking negative for you. Have a lot compassion who are jealous and have insecurity. Insecurity is a fast growing disease. Very seniors in team don't select right candidate due to feeling of insecurity. Ladies hide the recipe. Try growing and teaching mentality. What will you get in return. If I will not teach, my knowledge will remain limited. Due to my attitude and behavior, people will not have good thinking for me. You can increase your capacity with prayers. 

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I Am In No Competition State
What is Break up; We wish to live with someone and that couldn't happen; death or some other reason; we left or other side left and abandoned the relationship. Burning desire not fulfilled. We left with our own will, we don't name it heart break. But if occurred without our will then it breaks. When it occurs, we have anger, frustration (an energy) inside; energy like electricity is not positive or negative by itself. It depends how we use it. The volume of the crises, same volume of potential energy. We can use it in constructive way. Look at polar beer with its infant, living relax life. Now if four beer attack her infant, she alone defends her infant. So energy is of two types; passion, desire, limited, relaxed (it may face some distraction); in a state of love; mother and infant (intense, deep love); passive energy; love extremely or don't and leave it (this is life); don't go for middle state. Here is a deep abiding peace in case of love. Here is silence, no motion state, no past, no future; body / existence less state; no imagination / thoughts / inner self talk, fully connected with universe; connection with one object is connection with whole universe. 

When you think alone about yourself, it is a state of sadness. This is all about inner world. Start thinking about self deeply and make yourself guaranteed sad. Getting involved in self, being.

Looking and thinking is different than only looking and getting absorbed. 

Break up is a totally different state. Now here is no relax state. Now energy has focused / concentrated. Not in head / brain; in the heart. If you can have skill of channelising that energy; knowing its value; it's state of unlimited creativeness (if recognised and skillfully channelised). Normally we cannot find this type of concentrated energy; it's very rare state. 

Distraction is affiliated with brain / mind / goals. When maximum energy you find in heart; it will be expressed in constructive / destructive way (it is must). In this state rare new dimensions are illuminated (brightened) which is not possible to see in normal condition. This is highest creativeness possible state (that's real you). Greatest artists / Taj Mahal / Great Monuments created from break up of hearts, not with brain / mind. Mind creativeness has competition; Heart creativeness has no competition. Heart creativeness is timeless valueless. This concentrated energy mixed with passion will be a creativeness.

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I Have Become Victorious

What I'm talking about; put 100% mentally, not physically. Physical 100% is not going to work. If you show more efficiency in job, they will put more on you and no difference in salary you get. Hard work with understanding. If we achieve 98% in education and we go for job, we may be offered $2,500. We have prioritise intelligently what type of hard work I need. You are greatest doesn't mean ego; it means do every job with full capacity. Great people are tension free. How to attain Consistency after goal setting? Walk, exercise, study; get demotivate very soon. In childhood, our tongue touches the cavity from where our tooth disappear. We never focus that if I decided to study for four hours; at least I studied for one hour. Same we do with exercise. Motivated from some seminar; don't think about not done; think at least I did exercise for four days in a month time. Something happened; not on ideal level but to some extent. 
Focus on little what moved even a little; not on ideal state. Celebrate what performed even little. How celebration works; dopamine (a chemical) linked to happiness; is released. It creates enjoyment. [In the brain, dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter—a chemical released by neurons (nerve cells) to send signals to other nerve cells. The brain includes several distinct dopamine pathways, one of which plays a major role in reward-motivated behavior.] Same happens in reverse. When some conflict or bad things happen. 
Get motivated; started some routine; get demotivated. Don't focus on not done; that would be bad feeling. No body likes bad things. As a result you are negating yourself. Someone else or you yourself negate; has same effect. It generates bad chemicals in brain. Now you abandoned yourself to take action again. You created fear for yourself. You will stop taking action for the next time. This all is happening automatically. Repeat in your mind; I have done something. I did for four days. I have started. I can increase it. Keep on activating good feelings. Same do with yourself the suggestions which you enjoy to listen from outside. It will work more for you. I am happy; the suggestion is working. This is big achievement. I did well. May be some people have not even started; at least I did start. I have gone; not only for one day; not for two days; great four days. It's great play; relative terms; show small big and big small. Rich poor; poor more poor comparison. This is mind psychological structure. If you look at 26 days failure; you are creating fear; amplifying fear. Strike and celebrate with your inspiration action; even very very small one. 
Count small improvement in life as WONDER, blessing, miracle, fortune, good luck. Sincerely do it and let dopamine work. You need this feeling again. Again go for walk, study, exercise, mobile use control (from 5 hour to 4 or 3). If you focused on failure; the time of use will increase from 5 to 6 or 7 hours in retaliation. Acting in anger with self more drink, overeating. Focus and celebrate this one hour of control (from 5 hour to 4 hour mobile use). 
Amplify achievement to the maximum. I was expecting control of few minutes; I got extra one hour in my life by this control. One hour saving a day means 30 hours a month, 360 hours a year. This is a time to celebrate even with small investment. Drinking glucose; reward yourself even with tiny one. The feelings are attached to each other. It will prepare you for next achievement in life. Now you started to become achiever. Admire yourself for achievement. Do some small thing and feel victorious and congratulate yourself. I did something which my ego was not allowing me to do. Now I am free of doing small and big job. Nothing is impossible for me. I got free from ego. I have no fear. Once you have gone through all stages of failure, now you are something different. Life is gorgeous now doing past small petty jobs with recent expertise. Prison of ego is full of FEAR. Link small achievement with big one. These are steps to become achiever. Achievers face failures / distractions / challenges. People have misconception about success. No success is thorough one. Achievers do mistake more than ordinary people but they give importance only to their achievements. Magnify your achievement; you will enjoy that and will try to find the chance and do it again and again. Enjoying again and again and it will become habit to achieve again and again. When you will not be doing achievements, you will feel not easy. In present state, you fear from big challenges; after this practice you will start enjoying big challenges. You will discover big energy release from inside.
When I face some big challenge in life; I feel happy; my energy level grows. I enjoy more to deal with big challenge.

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I Am Living The Best Life

More important than health, career; we are alive. Health, career, character, good, bad; all is based on; I am alive. Sometimes we become so sad that we think; why we are alive. Some people practically end their life. On the other hand, there are people with enormous health, mental and other issues; they still live life completely. Are these big problems real or creation of our mind? These problems are part of life. Separations, relationships are part of life. We don't bother to think what is important in our life. We don't what has priority. 
Career is job is money is show off and what if there is no health. You can find instantaneous / temporary happiness in show off, with teasing others but those teased people will not let you go far. They will also find some way to tease you. Keep on teasing each other. You will never be happy. Art of Living in the Present Moment. It will help you even after 20 years. Centre Point is; I'm Alive. Offer of $1 M for kidney donation but you are not accepting. Comparison, competition, race; all over. We never stopped to think; what is important for us. Present or Future? If we can focus on present moment then 99.999..........% is in favour (right) and only 0.000......1% is not in favour. To be alive; this planet, galaxy, universe need to work perfectly. To fulfil the biggest desire to be alive; a little imbalance is not affordable. During shower if slipped from soap and brain damaged. It means everything should move perfectly to keep us alive. 
We are stuck at some point because we don't ask the right question from our mind. Mind is not static but it becomes static with questioning. Consciously ask from your mind; what is important for me? It's quite possible; what you decide is not important for the world but you know what is important for you. You cannot ask this question from anyone. You have to decide by yourself. When we ask this question from our mind; all energies are now focused. 
Now expand this circle; only I'm alive or I've something else good around me; parents. You will be happy to look at parents with this point of view. I'm alive, my parents are alive. Even though they are angry. They prefer me above anything. They think about me. They are ready for sacrifice. This is source of immediate happiness. We become unhappy due to our stupidity / misunderstanding. This marks percentage is not final round. All are in the same situation. They are doing jobs which they don't like with high score. It's quite possible that this lower %age would be better for us at the end. It needs to be understand. He has a lot to be happy; parents, body. Touch your own body and enjoy. Don't wait to touch others for enjoyment. The other bodies, items; which we like; we feel pleasure. This pleasure is too little, instant, temporary. Focus at what is going perfect in life. This is based upon right understanding. It's quite possible what we are focusing the goals of our life; may be totally rough. 
What is present to enjoy; not noticing; trying to find fragrance in garbage. No chance. Be happy with the flowers of life. 
Let's work on our ideal career; at the top of this ideal career; the old people have numerous problems / diseases. If they have the chance to get back in our position (youth); would they accept or not? They will happily accept this offer. Are you rich or they? We. They traded age from 60 to 22. They got perfect body; all their diseases, medicine gone. If they would be wise, they would immediately accept this offer and if you will be stupid, you will accept this offer. 
You got all your dreams; what you have right now; you will not have. I am not suggesting stop growing but don't happiness over there. Seek for money, not happiness. There is not happiness in money; survival / comfort may be; yes. Money can give you comfortable survival. If you are thinking; in comfortable life you will be happy; may be not true. 
The root of problem is comparison. The fact is that you are unique. You don't need to try to become like someone. You are perfect. Every flower, fish, bird is perfect. Flower is trying to be bird or fish. This is the struggle. Bird is trying to act like fish. To grow perfectly; accept yourself perfectly. This is starting point of success. Acceptance of what is; is happiness. Gratitude and thanks what we have; parents; body. This is not pleasure, this is happiness. This is miracle. I'm alive, the whole universe is working for me to keep me alive. I can think, I can see / hear / smell / breathe. As is my life, I'm happy. Listeners grow speakers. Speakers learn from listeners. To speak changes the life of speaker. Sharing is business / growing. Sharing happiness is mean to grow happiness. 

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I speak only when it is Necessary
Inquiries are of two types; 1) Fact based; scientific; step by step, simple, easy 2) Based on beliefs; concepts; it be discussion, arguments, everyone try to prove his point; when there is need to prove is not fact.

Reality / fact is simple. When we don't speak to ourselves or others, there are no thoughts in mind. To create thoughts we need to speak to ourselves or others. The language we use; some pictures, sensations (vibrations, atmosphere, feelings), experiences, words are associated. Mind / brain works like that. 

Animals have simple, basic language; not complicated. They think, they communicate; simple, that's it. Our language is complex; we got tangle into it. Without necessity, we got into. Many what ifs we foster, past will not repeat but we continue on thinking about past and future.
We need practice of real silence; not speak to ourselves as we do with others as per our need. Then thoughts will have limited, necessary space. 

Planning for the day, speaking to others need to think. Schedule, timing, what if; this is all speaking to ourselves. When it is necessary; it's not bad. We unknowingly name meditation; stop of thoughts. This is wrong. We are not dead. We can name it controlling unnecessary self chattering. 

Self chattering is no problem. Learn the etiquette of self chattering as we learn to speak to others with courtesy; let's use same here with ourselves. To whom what to say! Is it important to talk with care to others or to ourselves! SAME.

We do this unnecessary cluttering because we don't know what mind is; we never do inquiry. Our speaking, our thinking; what is it; it is some association of words, pictures, experiences.
This is our body; many processes working automatically; hair growth; breathing; nails growth, digestion; this is all going by intelligence of nature. To keep us alive; what is needed; is already feeded; we don't need to think; it's nature's intelligence. 

When we will stop self chattering; our FEAR will vanish. We generate FEAR with thinking; self chattering; thinking about kid's future, kid's jobs situation, in laws of kids, we say now present time is not reliable.
Do justice here; what we talked, thought in the past; never happened. When we will be able to think that nothing will happen what we are thinking about, the FEAR will go away. 

We have treasure of nature's intelligence within us. Eye system; brink, spray of oil and water within automatically. In case of some accident; the wound heal (blood clot) automatically even if there is no one around to help. Here we don't need to tell the blood to make clot. 

We have to learn; where we need to use thoughts; where not. We need to know the limitation of mind / thought. The less we speak, the rapid would be healing. When we are sick, we would need more rest to heal; not with bothering ourselves with self talk. Animals practice this. Unnecessary thinking is dragging us away from nature's intelligence; not close to. It is interfering the nature's programming. If we can control this interference, it will be better. 

Our brain has a record of some experiences; through our five senses. We associate these experiences with words. This is called learning. In school we learn A, B; here we learn difference between A and B; now we associate A with apple, B with ball. Experience is looking at objects; knowledge is assumption / association. 

For looking at object; no need to think; as object comes; we see automatically. We need to speak when we remember past. How to retrieve past; how to imagine future. Here we use pictures, words, memory. Memory is software, brain is hardware. This is how it works. 

We speak; apple; image of apple is thought. This is just thought, not thinking. Now if someone question; which apple is better; local or imported; now it needs thinking.

If we can control the direction of thought in the right way; we can direct thinking in right direction. How fast we become aware of our thoughts or our self chattering; it may need practice.
Controlling of  self chattering needs practice. If we will not practice then we will be continuously doing it. Habit will be getting dominance. Silence within and outside is needed; speak only when it is necessary. Eliminate unnecessary talk (self and outside). You will notice; the necessary is very little. 

Hand burnt; you take out tube; applied; finished; job done. We can abandon unnecessary thoughts. Then it will go away. If you struggle with thoughts, why they are here, they will stay there. We do opposite.
Practice this; thought came; let it. Say it; well; stay here; now it will not stay. Work with it friendly. Say; I love this thought; it will vanish. Once you said; why I am thinking like this; thought will never go away. FEAR will disappear with the absence of thought. Past all set free, rest is present; dealing with present is very easy. 'Speak only when necessary, not just externally but also internally.'

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I believe in my Success
Focus on your thoughts, knowledge, experience; Build your character. 1) Strong believe 2) Discovered ourselves; Desire 3) Action; 15 years surgery experience; wish to establish a hospital in a remote area; This is ultimate reason for his existence from his inner; he is not taking action. The reason is; he has lack of energy. Energy comes from feelings and emotions. We cannot control feelings and emotions. We can move them in a particular direction. When we change our believes, when we change the way; we are looking at the things; we change our purpose of living. We change our perception. Now feelings change.
At the moment of action; one of two things changes; purpose or task. In the start we have to care for purpose. But by the time that purpose will become part of our belief. Now energy will automatically come out. Great leaders of the history in this world have clear purpose; strong belief. That purpose became goal, belief, life; then they self. Then they changed the world. Non violence and Prophet PBUH.
Recognise and stick with your purpose slowly. Strong belief takes to strong action. If purpose becomes belief, then body and mind follow. That purpose, that belief will drive body and mind surprisingly; even in negative way. Fame is temporary. Fame is competition; greed, jealousy, ego. Rich person looks at poor as they are foolish and shows more courtesy to riches. Feelings are manifestation (appearance, sign) of our beliefs.  
Change will not happen when we follow according to feelings. We have to change belief; it will result in changing the feelings. Feelings will change emotions, emotions will change energy; Change of energy will change you; This is a change of the world. Now everything will be changed.
Action comes from emotion comes feelings come from purpose from goal. You will set the purpose and goal accordingly. 
Non violence; a purpose; unstaggering. Receive is not guaranteed even after action. 
Ask (Desire), believe and receive. Receive means greed. You are doing because you love to do. Run the day or the day runs you. Three stages; 1) Ideal Situation; no consideration of outcome. 2) Focus on Your Performance; 3) no action but dreams, wishes, selfish; competition; jealousy, greed, hate, growth of ego; Ego is mix of jealousy and greed. 
State of Being; I'm not less, not more than anyone; free of EGO. 
State of Bliss; the ability to like oneself; this is beyond pleasure / happiness / everything. It the state; mind needs to be at peace; in crowd (of thoughts), in noise (of thoughts). Ultimate Goal of Human Life. 
The attraction towards materialistic world will ruin peace of mind. Achieve and then leave. Accept gracefully everything. Desire, Belief, Action; three steps. Last step is accept (Success or Failure, happiness or unhappiness, good or bad feeling); move forward, leave the past. I want to grow; I want to grow; I can and I will. I will win, not immediately but definitely. 

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Goal Settings # It Can Change Your Life Drastically
Goal Setting; can change your life. List of goals is very important in life. For 500 kilometre trip; we need a lot of specifications; by car, bus, train, aeroplane; which class, which time. Small home building needs a lot of planning / work out; location, foundation, architectural design. 

Life is more important than trip or building a house. No target, no planning, no goal setting, no architect, no dreams, no targets, no earning; is this life?

Socially, economically, morally; you can change your life with goal setting. If there is no goal post for soccer / football, the best teams of the world will make no goals; this is Goal Setting. Make Better What is Left.
I'm the Happiest
We are in artificial state of life; if something came to us in life; if something happened according to our wish; we became happy. We are not in control of our happiness. Few external things are controlling our happiness. 
How we can become happy permanently; why we are not in the current moment.

Temporary states of happiness; meeting with old friends, time spent with family; hill station sunrise scene. Then we try to remember those past moments (dead memories). 

Let's focus on the solution. 

There are two ways to live life; living in own world (isolated); complaining to everyone. This isolation is source of unhappiness. Isolation for learning skill is not bad. 

Our body parts look different but in actual are all one body. Occasionally our tongue is hurt with our teeth. We don't break our teeth as punishment. Breathe, movement, brain, digestion is working automatically. Body; we made or we found as is, even parents didn't made it. It's all from nature coming. We are just trying to get plug in; I, I, I, ... This unnecessary plug in of  I makes us unhappy. 

Principally; tongue and teeth are same in their areas of work. They can't replace their duties. 

Same as body parts; we all human beings are same; connected from nature / origin. Our birth, our life is from nature.

Our body is not isolated from nature; it's made of nature. This is fact; not belief; not concept. 

We have no time to think about reality. We are busy in doing things which we think are source of happiness but they are not in actual. If this routine is not workable then it's not. There will be no result. Even the situation is going to be worst by the old age. 

Look into fact / reality; not necessarily society is on right path. 

Fact is that we are connected with nature. Make a routine to visit park even for short time. After a short run, warm up, sit on the bench and feel yourself part of nature. This is fact, not illusion. Take deep breath; feel it. Look at skies, focus on natural voices. Look into nature and feel connected. We are made of nature; the connected with nature we will; will feel better. 

This unhappiness we got because we disconnected from nature. 

Be connected with nature. Touch leaf, flowers gently; feel oneness; feel connection. We are stuck in I, I, I, ... Our life is dependent on nature. Water is already there, no need to connect with water. The being who is unable to love nature (the easiest); is dead body. Nature is always doing good for us. We have to be prepared to deal with human who are not friendly; even giving hard time. 

This is first step to become happy genuinely; living life to the fullest. Slowly you will feel the connection with nature.

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Do the Speakers Know, What They are Talking About
How to learn and implement? What is learning? Learning is a continuous, endless and live process. Be always open to learn. There are many levels, layers of learning. Pressure, greed, fear is created to learn in many cases, we don't have any interest to learn. School, job; all teach mechanical learning (driving, computer); mechanical art of earning money but not life skills. We become habitual of mechanical way of learning. We all people get some information from TV, radio, newspapers, books; we analyse these information based on presumption and then discuss in gatherings or with friends.  This is all robotic and mechanical acting based on presumption. All this process poses difficulty in real learning. 
Real learning; how the life is going on. We try to learn it in the same habitual mechanical way. If we read many books about life, all have different definitions of life; it makes us more confusing. Real learning means elimination of confusion; if learning increases confusion, it's not learning. 
Uncertainty, thrill is motive to join motivational sessions like movie. It helps to spend some time in good mood. This is enjoyment but not learning. The other way is to participate with interest to make progress to clarity. 
Learning on the basis of presumption is not learning; it is temporary; is not real. When situation arises; it doesn't work. Life is not like a machine. There are countless factors working. How to operate a machine? It's easy to learn. How one can have better relationship with parents? There is no straight forward rule. To address this situation, one must have to have complete comprehension of both sides which is impossible. 
We are trying to find physical / mechanical solution to problems which are not mechanical. Life is advancing through multiple factors. In the name of knowledge and learning we grow our ego that we are educated. We become able to speak about our knowledge, books we read, lectures we attended. Now we are motivating; everything happens for good etc etc. As a scholar we believe; the seminars I have attended, others have not; the books I have read, others have not (Here one is easily caught into ego). Most of the time, the speakers don't believe what they are saying; they speak from the books; they have read or listened from some lecture (under same context - pressure, greed, fear). Ask a speaker speaking a lot about positive side of death; how much he is prepared to die.
For example; What I am speaking; I am not speaking from my memory. As a listener; you are making it part of your memory. Trying to understand the solution to problems. It is a brain exercise. Same as body exercise to make muscle. This is the way to learn. Focus on the theme, not on words. Words direct you to some direction. The real learning is exercise of brain, not through memory, not on the basis of presuption. For body exercise you have to find a buddy stronger than you; who has gone through a lot of physical exercise. It will help you in physical competition. No need to memorise the tips. The power attained will be utilised when the competition will start. 
Learning and brain exercise is not like robot, parrot. Listen / read; understand; leave. Now brain is prepared. Whenever situation will arise, brain will come up with solution. World has transformed a lot as compared to old times; it's due to brain. Why you say; it's impossible. If you have prepared your brain through exercise in proper way; learned rightly, it will work automatically when needed. Memorising burdens the brain. You have to focus on the problem. Once you get into the problem; there would be already solution ready in your mind for that problem. 
Learn the MAGNITUDE of the word; it's possible, it's possible, it's easy, it's easy.
“99% of the population is afraid of public speaking, and of the remaining 1%, 99% of them have nothing original and interesting to say."

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I put my 100% in what I do
What you think and speak to yourself with conviction is the real energy working for you; radiating from you. Forget about what you are talking about publicly or showing off. One is energy exertion and consumption; the other is energy coming out of inner. 
EXERCISE; look into the mirror and think / say; I'm the greatest person ever born on this planet. 7 Billion (700 crore) people live on this planet. This suggestive talk needs courage to speak. Think Great: Be Great! Why not to full extent. WHY NOT. This is just a ride. I need to discover some hidden powers in me. No doubt. No one is inferior. Think Great: Be Great! Why not to full extent. Actions follow the thoughts. Fake it until you make it. Do little things with greatest attitude. I'm honest, I enjoy my life. I'm involved with passion putting my 100%. I'm the greatest person ever born on this planet. Some people will agree, some will not. That is not my concern. How I look myself matters. How world looks, doesn't matter. Celebrities are using depression pills. Sometimes world is in their favour, sometimes not. World enjoys while doing this. Now he is crying. No need to give your control to the world. I'm the greatest person ever born on this planet. It doesn't if they say; you are the worst. This thinking gives you an imminent energy. Some people like low energy / lazy people; others like charged / full energy people. What is the secret; how energy radiates from your inner. And then people will come to you permanently. 85% of successful people are SELF-MADE. The way you look at yourself, the same energy will radiate from you and people around you will realise that. Look at international athletes; how they enter into stadium; full of energy; fully excited. But if it is opposite then what will happen. Then you are blaming to others at the top. Greatest is human; is not machine. I'm not money manufacturing machine. I've emotions; I've feelings. I understand feelings of others; I'm human. I put my 100% in what I do. I'm master of myself unique. I'm here to set my own standards. People have to remember me for sometime. I'm here to do something special. In your eyes, in your actions; by the time; it reflects. Then everyone will come to comment. I was already aware that you are capable of doing something special. Actions speak. I've two options; either join successful people or be successful. Please take the option #2. Be powerful not to dominate others but to CONQUER yourself.

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Top 10 inspirational stories of all time

1) Fish and frog; fish from ocean and frog from well; this fish came from an ocean and trying to convince frog about the vast area of ocean. Frog takes her as lie.

2) Rich and poor kids; poor kids play in kids company; rich kid looks them from balcony with tears in eyes

standard, security issues, not allowed to go out; restrictions to go out

Look at the world with view of a kid; wants to play; he doesn't care about money

Deprived of play; parents have no time for him; he has to play with old servants; golden cage; who is lucky

No parents, no playing with friends; has many toys

Poor kid has only 4 toys but has attachment to them

Now this poor kids sometimes in free time looks at big house and that kid in balcony with a lot of wishes in mind; big car, big lawn, many servants, clothes, variety of toys; both have good / bad luck.

When we focus on the things which we have; we are lucky; When we focus on the things which we don't have; we are not lucky

3) Learn before you act; Swimming Pool; one side shallow and the other side deep; 3 person are watching people in pool. One of them is pretty afraid of swimming. He tried couple of times but no success. He feared if he drowns what will do his family. The root of this fear is that thought in his mind. He has no courage to take action. No 2 is an interesting character. He has desire to swim but he is thinking; this is an easy exercise; only have to move hands and feet slowly. As you see some cricket match; and the player missed 2-3 balls. His friend says; this is not a game, if I come to the field; I can play better better than these players. We listen that swimming is not difficult and then jump into pool. The result is obvious; drowning or luckily rescued. Now for the rest of life he has no more chance to try to swim. Fear and jumping into are two extremes. Both extreme paths are guaranteed failure. Third option is success. Person 3 watched people swimming. He got afraid but at the same time he thought that when other people can, why I can't. He didn't jumped into but talked to swimmers. They told him that today we are swimming in deep water but we started from there; the shallow side. He started from shallow side. He has very little risk. Now slowly he is moving towards deep water but still on sides of the pool where there are rods or ropes for just in case. Now he is confidently swimming in the centre. Now he is fine to swim anywhere. 

4) Don't waste that power; in a shed where people were waiting the time that raining stop. No one was talking about rain. People were talking about the consequences; about traffic jam, some was saying, it was better to bring umbrella, may be not on time to office. A young man was waving and drying a $20 bill and was very tense. A person was coming to the shed; putting his hand on the head but his small daughter keeping his hand was enjoying and collecting rain water in her palm and drinking and enjoying. They both came under the shed; his father got busy on phone texting and that girl was in best mood; collecting rain water, drinking, washing the face and asking her father; why this rain doesn't come everyday? IMPORTANT POINT We are the best friend of ourselves and vice versa; the worst enemy of ourselves. Rain comes equal for all of us Rich, poor, black, white, young, old). In the same way; the blessings, potential, energy, luck; so powerful that can destroy or construct the whole universe in a microsecond. The difference is same as between that girl and other people. People have hand upside down on head but she has open hand to collect rain water, drink, enjoy and this is the way energy works. 

5) The Pipeline; Money is on trees. Two friends had nothing to do. They observed; the whole day women of the village busy in fetching water from far resource. Both started helping, selling and making money. One quit after 10 years and went out to work out to do something more. In another village he saw a pot with small pipe on it so that one has no need to put hand in to take water out. He thought, talked and came back to his town. He wanted to work and make a mud pipeline from resource to the town. All opposed him but he kept on trying. The opposition people have variety of reasons; not to make it; he had only one reason to get it done. He struggled for 3 months and prepared the pipeline and water started to come. His other friend had no job. This expert friend got contracts from other towns and became very rich. 

6) Don't underestimate yourself; Two kids; 6 and 10. Used to play, eat together; were best friends. While playing; 10 years friend fell into well and started crying. No one was there to help. 6 year old boy dropped bucket with rope and started pulling it and successfully saved life of his friend. They were afraid to tell the people. They told the story and there was no one to believe. All people came to Rahim Chacha, the oldest and wisest. He listened the story and told that it's true. REASON is not how he did; the QUESTION is WHY he did? The ANSWER is only that there was no one over there to tell him that it is IMPOSSIBLE. Even not himself. 

7) Power of Focus; 26 00 Less information and take action. More knowledge is illusion. More knowledge, more confusion.

The Bird's Eye

8) An Interesting Funeral

9) 1938 Hungary - Best pistol shooter - people are ready to share condolence. Focus on what you have. He had remained with left hand. He had no need of condolence. 

He came back after one year in 1939; National Championship Competition; He trained himself secretly for 1 year. It was a big surprise to them when he told them that he was there to compete. Other were using their best hand, he was using his only hand. Celebrity ship destroys focus. His focus was 1940, 1944 world cup. Cancelled. Now he was 38 in 1948. He won. Illusion became reality. 1952 too. He changed history. He focused on his dream. 

Károly Takács
10) The Will to Play; 1989; India Pakistan; Cricket; India was about to defeat. Waqar Younus vs 16 year Sachin Tendulkar. His nose got hurt on first ball but he said, I'll play. The whole world was feeling pity on him except himself. Next ball he got 4 runs and made 57 runs. There is no permanent formula. Loser will not rise again. Winner will keep on falling and rising and rising. 

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How thinking develops - Be A Great Lover & Legend 
Feelings get changed. Today we feel pleasure to be with someone, next day we feel sour to be there. Love is not a temporary feeling or emotion. We act like that we know everything. It's a big and real problem. We have become habitual -ve thinker. We find lacks in our parents; and we lose our happiness. We notice all bads in society; we don't notice goods in the society. Media has conditioned us. Showing all negative. Showing nothing positive. We doubt in everything, in every person, in every good deed. Media is portraying fantasy, fake world. Media is showing 10 girls with one gentle man and 10 gentle men for one girl. The is dragging thinking in wrong direction. Reality is different than media. Come to the actual world without prejudice media has conditioned us. Everyone is moving with nature, he has created. We interfere why he is doing like this. He is right, he is wrong etc. Actually, we are also with same weaknesses and strengths. No one is perfect in this world. Do we have right to stamp some body for something. We are looking weaknesses of others,it may be quite possible others strengths would be our weaknesses. Everyone is acting following nature how he is created.
How thinking develops; everyone born without any thinking. No language, no thinking; at the time of birth. Is thinking generated by itself? How bad thinking stepped in? This is due to feed / food / induction / situation / experiences. Everyone is same at the time of birth. Two kids born in same environment but grown up in different environment would have different thinking. Society provide us thinking. How society develops? Individuals make society. Now let's talk about individual. What I do, influence society. Society influences the new borns / new comers / new immigrants. 

Let's work on new generation, NOT on old; leavers. They are TIRED, RETIRED and have experience to induce this epidemic to new generation; the frustration generators. Life with values has some worth; without values is rubbish. New born kids got injected thinking from outside.

You better judge yourself rather than judging others. Find what you have flaws. We have no time to examine ourselves. What other criminals do; we pay attention. But the wrongs we do, we never stop to review or re-think. We try to put responsibility on others. 

A person is developed through society and society is being develop by individuals. We are pointing our finger outside. We need to point our finger back to ourselves. It will start of generating happiness, pleasure, love, connection. Is disconnection love?

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I am Absolutely in the Present Moment
Pen ink is limited; same way we have limited time in life. Life is moving towards death but we can write something memorable. Otherwise time will pass any way. Diseases of old age are signs of last part ink in the pen. I am still not contented. I am trying to improve what I wrote before. What I am writing right now is bench mark. Pen can break anytime; so live life fully every moment. I shouldn't have any regret. The people who have not lived life, they FEAR from death. The person who is living fully will have no regret to live more. The purpose of bird is to fly. Once it fly the purpose achieved; now life and death is equal for it. Death is to detach from achieved. But if you are living fully then you are already detaching from the past every moment. 100% presence detaches you from past. Incomplete living means you are living in the past. Now depending on old memories, false hopes. Hill station camping, some good session, some marriage memories would be driving you. Incomplete living frightens us from death. One year before life was perfect, now it is perfect also. There is no need of comparison. Here is no room for memory. Once you are fully in the present moment, there are no past memories. Here is no worries about future. No fear of future. This is timeless state. I am absolutely in the present moment. 

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