Sad, angry, pain, resentment, irritation; Causes and solutions
Our Energy grows if you remain peaceful, by giving, by kindness, by purity, happy environment. 
Our Energy depletes by anger, greed, jealousy, gossiping, negative talks about others, cheating, expectation, by unintentionally hurting others, others also hurt us unintentionally, negative thinking about others.
Self Check; whether my self energy is growing or depleting.
Helping others may hurt you. I was ready to help you for my whole life, when I needed you, you didn't even listen me. 
It depends on how we relate / connect our inner to outer things; situation, person, relative. Inner would be affected by outer species. If I have control on me then soul power increased. When we lose control on self then then everything outside can hurt us. Our soul is turning weak and weak, day by day. On an average, we interact 10-15 people. How it is possible that 10-15 people follow my thinking. NOT, NOT, NOT. Despite knowing this, we are doing this. 
We are Sad because of, angry because of, we have pain because of, we have resentment because of, we have irritation because of; all in routine we repeat it. We are happy because of.
Because of; means my mind TV remote control is in hands of those outside 10-15 people. This is sign of weak self.
Close eyes and analyse any angry situation; what were the factors in that situation. Rewind all that. Everything is same. If we have same chance again, how we react. Observe it doing in different way. 
The way we reacted in first instance; it depleted our energy. We were able to react in other way. Why we lost our energy. When we say, because of them, we don't choose our option. 
Our self selected favourite company friends second it; yes yes yes; your anger was natural in that situation. They endorse it. Because everyone is entrapped in this 'because of'. No one has deep knowledge.
Inner programming is set by us, also more confirmed for next time, same situation, same reaction. Whenever situation is not in my favour, we became irritated. Our mind energy battery getting discharged gradually. 
First impression is on us, how we feel, happiness and vibration will go into whole body. Same waves will reflect in around our circles. In the same way our social set up will start developing. It started from our thoughts.
Gradually we start our journey, distance from normal life to heart disease, weak relationships and whole group declared it as natural. Like now diabetes is normal, 10 years back it was rare. Divorce is normal now. 10 years back for long time no body was even disclosing for many many years. 
Now people are accepting unhealthy routines as normal. Now we approved this wrong routine as right. Because of others, not in my control. The option we just tried with closing eyes, should be tried in real situations. Mind has many options. Keep peaceful, use patience while reacting, using anger, getting irritated, crying, weeping; many options. All people use different options; using one common; BECAUSE OF OTHERS. This depletes our battery. In same situation; different people response in different way. But all people use same excuse BECAUSE OF. Mic is an instrument, it has on/off. Mic doesn't respond differently. It does not use because of. This is automatic.
Are we automatic or we choice, we have choice. Start using healthy choices. Is anger healthy choice?In food we choose; taste, hot, cold etc. Some items we don't eat because we are health conscious. Same is here. Healthy choice, healthy life style. Most important is thought process. 

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