10 Skills That Are Hard to Learn, But Will Pay Off Forever!
1) Speak up; Importance of Public Speaking; It will work for you, or you work for it. (Warren Buffet)
2) Being honest with yourself; in most cases we forget about our commitments. (Mark Cuban)
3) Having Confidence (Robin Sharma) Legendary success factors are not your natural ability, not right product, right field is not necessary, not blessed background, not right IQ; deconstruct this idea of confidence, FIRE WITHIN YOU, INTERIOR BRAVERY, Problem is opportunity concept, Stumbling Block and Wall are Stepping Stone, coming to solution, not to problem; Confidence is wiring, thing to develop, it is a practice, it's muscle, the more you focus, practice, train; it becomes stronger and it grows. 
4) Listening (Simon Sinek); Nelson Mandela; a great leader, universally recognised, son of a tribal chief, all the people sit in circle, his father was always last to speak. Feeling that they are being heard, they have contributed. You get benefit what others think. Skill is to keep your opinion. If you agree; don't nod YES, if you disagree, don't nod; NO. Simply sit there and only what you are allowed to do is ASK questions so that you can understand what they mean and why they the opinion that they have. You must understand from where they are speaking. Why they have that opinion, not just what they are saying. And at the end you will get your turn. It sounds easy, it's not. PRACTICE being last to speak. 
5) Time Management (T D Jakes); Electronic Media (traded effectiveness with busyness; Statistically we are more busy than old generations; we have misconception that we are busy and we are effective. Life is cluttered with that drains you and stop you from your highest. 80% of our busy time goes for ineffective things, to survive. Only 20% goes to passion / purpose. What about if we can reverse / switch it. We can have wonders of life. Time is irreplaceable. NOT NOT waste it. Value your time. It takes time to be creative. We are meant to be creative. We are created with the image of Creator. We have creativity. It needs time. You cannot be creative in busy life. Music, TV, media keeps us busy for nothing.
6) Stop Whining (Iyanla Vanzant); No Whine, complain, criticise on Wednesday. Whatever you think is whining, don't do it. Whenever you whine, put a quarter in a jar. Now count how many times you whine. Let's practice to stop whining. What's happening, what we don't have, what we can't do, what somebody didn't do. We got in clean in 2017. 
7) Staying present in the moment (Mel Robbins); If you are living in the past, you are going to be depressed because you are re-hashing things that happened to you, that are not going to happen again. If you are living in the future, you are going to be anxious, because you are anticipating what is coming, or you are wishing for things that are not happening yet. Being in the present is where the gold is. Being in the present moment is where you will have the greatest control, where you will feel the most at ease, and where happiness flourishes, There is a super tight connection between happiness and ability to live in the present moment. A lot of people believe that happiness is tied to the things that happen to you, not so at all. In fact, there is a Professor of Positive Psychology, he is one of the grandfathers of the movement. He teaches at the University of Pennsylvania, his name is Martin Seligman, and he has studied happiness for decades. Now, one of the things we have talked about a lot is that, 40% of your happiness levels are preset by genetics. 60% you are in complete control of! One of the things that this professor has discovered is that, it doesn't matter what has happened to you, In fact some of the people that have had the worst things, THE WORST THINGS happen to them, like people that have survived the Holocaust, are actually the happiest and most grateful people in the world. Happiness comes down to mind. It comes down to your thoughts, it comes down to your mindset, it comes down to your attitude, and you are 100% in control of what you are thinking. You may not be in control of how you feel in the moment but you can always, always, always .... be in control of what you think. That will change how you are feeling. One of the most powerful things that you can do in terms of think; and this goes back to Strick's question, is, "How do you be present?" Being present is literally nothing more than the skill of having your thoughts be in this moment. Not in the past, not in the future but right here. The way that you teach yourself how to do that, is, the moment you catch yourself being distracted, the moment you catch yourself starting to worry, the moment you catch yourself drifting to the future or drifting to the past ... That's the moment of tremendous power, because you basically just woke up. You basically just noticed that you are not here, in this particular moment. Use that wake up call 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and ground yourself in this moment. The best way to ground yourself in the moment, is to look for something in this particular moment that you can savor. Now I am using the word savor on purpose, because it's the word psychologists use to describe what happens when you find something in this moment right now, right here, right now ... to focus on and to appreciate. It could be literally, the questions, questions of people on social media. Friends around, food, meal.
8) Being Consistent (Priyanka Chopra); Success is not a destination. It's a journey. It's always continuous struggle. Every successful person has a record of failures but keeping up running and compensating failures is real play. One just have to perk up, pick oneself up, dust oneself off. Many years of hard work. 
9) Getting Enough Sleep (Arianna Huffington); important to enjoy next day, not being tired.
10) Having Empathy (Meryl Streep); we all can feel that it's happening to us. We cry in sad movies, don't care we lose our face. Embarrassing and inconvenient responses are strange from human beings. This is weak, useless passion intact. Empathy is the engine that powers all the best in us, it's what civilises us, it's what connects us. 

10 skills that are hard to learn but pay off forever

Discover Your Life Purpose/Passion
Lion in forest, wake up, walked. Felt hungry, saw a deer. Aimed to get it. But deer escaped and lion couldn't get it. A young lion came and told lion that you have caused insulted the lions. You have become old now and the results are opposite now. Now you are unable to get more. 
Old lion told the young. Yes the deer win due to his big aim. His aim was to escape and save his life. My aim was tiny to fill my stomach. Those who have big aim in life, WIN. Small dreams big struggle. Allama Iqbal (wake the nation) and Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah (gave a country to the nation) dream big.

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A king and a noble person; King decided to put the noble person in big fire. Huge heat and burning capacity. 
Eagle and dove; 1000s km, big fire. Eagle suggested, let's pray. Dove argued, let me try my best. Don't stop me. I am making precedence to face the Creator on the Day of Judgement. SMALL acts have immense impacts.
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