Blood Pressure Physical Treatment
Holistic Practitioner; Mr Sun (416 554 9400) Korean's useful technique; 1 hour session cost $30 (Muslim Male Patient); 
Diet for Blood Pressure
0.5 Beets (Chuqandar); (Boil for 5-10 mins then cool down), 0.5 Apple, 1.0 Banana, 0.5 cup of water; blend all; use 1.0 cup in the morning and 1.0 cup in the evening.

Actually I met this doctor 3 days before (28SEP2017) for my blood pressure treatment (I was eating pills last more than 10 years) and he fixed it in one session of simple massage and cupping, costed me only $30.  Last year one of my relative with acute illness (high uric acid level resulted into Gout) got successfully treated in 8 sessions, costed him only $240 as total. I can say him, a magic or miracle; very convenient. Mujahid Hussain 647 951 4130

Senna Leaves useful in constipation, loss of apatite, indigestion, liver complaints, abdominal troubles, splenetic enlargements, dyspepsia, typhoid, jaundice, anaemia, malaria, skin diseases, leprosy, poisoning symptoms, foul breath, sweat with odour, lung disease, bronchitis, tumours.

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Lemon + water + acv + cinnamon (apple cider vinegar acv)

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This Herb Lowers Blood Pressure 12 Points

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