15 Golden Rules - 300 Years Mission

The network marketing rules can be applied in routine life. Why some people are successful, why some not. 

1) Nothing works at the first time. Only less than 1% are serious people for business on average, generally speaking. Before trying some people give up. Try at least 5-20 times any new idea come to your mind before give up. Thomas Edison tried 10000 times before inventing bulb. Many volunteers may came to him to leave the effort. Some minds work more on negative side. A scientist came to farm house and to his surprise how it is possible; a black buffalo, green grass food; produce white milk. When Thomas Edison was very close to his dream; on one night his lab caught fire and burn into ashes. He smiled, laughed and said; all failures burned. Let me start new from tomorrow. It took 16 years in his venture and he did it. So determined, willful people. Some people want to be successful with one trip or only with wearing nice clothes. If you look at NASA scientists' work; they are working on the projects; they are sure they would not be able to complete in their life. 100, 200, 300 years mission. Still they are working hard; passion. Repeated efforts work. Nature supports them.

15 Golden Rules for success in life

1) nothing works at first time

2) learn from experts 

3) all business skills are learnable 
4) develop a workaholic mentality
5) you are just one skill away from doubling your capability
6) structure your goals as question 
7) dedicate yourself to lifelong learnings 
8) get around the only quality people or teach them how to be quality people
9) be prepared to climb peak to peak
10) develop clear sense is direction 
11) do what you have to do whether you like it or not 
12) commit to excellence, reach to Top and be valuable 
13) see yourself as self employed 
14) HOW - learn how to get off from your problem 

15) Think big all the time.

10 Golden Rules for success in life


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