How can we use our brain (a gold mine) together for serving humanity?
How can we use the brain (a gold mine) of our circle of influence together to serve humanity?

GTV World Channels Network Team is in a process to engage all community factions to get involved all community members practically.
GTV Team is inviting intellectuals to invent such templates so that each person can contribute his share.

Below Are Sample Topics May Be Helpful
1) What is the success model in your view while living in North America (Canada, USA)? If there is lack of trust within community members; suggest how the roots and causes can be addressed.

2) Where you see standing at the age of 65? Trust on self; the ways to build trust on self.

3) How the community members can get clarity of responsibilities they have on their shoulders as part of the community.
4) The importance of communication skills in human life?
5) The effect of exercise on human body and brain.
6) Difference between need and greed?
7) Conditioning of child by society with fear and greed?
8) When a community member is ripped off (financially or morally), how community can react?
9) Some Muslim kids are growing in Non-Muslim Foster homes, what solution you suggest?

10) Local communities have a plan to serve the national and international guest students, what benefits are there for community in that case?

[GTV Team is in process to convince recognized organisations and community elites; to announce a reasonable amount prize (may be up to $ 1 Million) for an extraordinary presentation of Community Issues, Solutions, Community Development Idea.]

The participants would be requested to submit their proceedings with nominal subscription and the winner would receive the whole collection. This could be monthly, half year, per year (hero) concept.

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Human Mind is Like a Gold Mine
Write you goal or goals down on paper; only 3% of adults have written goals. Imagine you are going to market and you don't have written list. You will forget 3-4 items out of 10 and will bring home 3-4 items unnecessary.

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