Can We Develop Problem Solving Oriented Community; Does Frustration Has its Treatment?
To whom we can share our concerns. 

3 Tips to Become a Social Genius; #1: Don’t use the buzzword “epic (revolutionary or game-changing).” IT pros call it an # epicfail. #2: Be human… and humorous. IT pros will respect you for it. #3: Learn from your competitors

It is a skill to build trust, confidence; it's like swimming, talking, walking, writing; all need practice. Mishaps teach you, learning is most important thing. Fear is enemy. Learn from your mistakes and then use that experience. Don't quote it for spreading fear. Many decisions in life, we make pre-mature. Health is an asset. Next comes poverty, poverty can lead to kufr (hadith). You hate the rich and wish to become rich. No one became millionaire with salary rather business. There are 10 parts of earning out of which 9 parts are in business (hadith). Skills, not traditional education; are more valuable. Genius converts into money. 90% rich people are not average educated. "Skills You Need" as a campaign. Communication Skills, Conflict Management, Problem Solving Skills, Convincing Power; need to be learned in youth. Winning Attitude works; state and individual have their own responsibilities. Academic average grow faster in life. 85% problems of life are related to human management. You can try and find sources and resources of motivation. Majority people cannot list their 10 items which make them happy. They have a long list of items which make them unhappy. Long drive, good book, good lecture, literary and intelligent people, wise, beautiful people; may be some motivational moves. 

Find motivational people, welfare activities, gratitude, prayers, zikr. Individual has to realize to make a meaningful society. Law makes society, justice for everyone. Other thing is training, grooming, wisdom, sense, guidance. In Japan, Europe, North America; drivers care for pedestrians.
Youth needs guidance, motivation. Mentors and teachers should take the responsibility. Should not be blind follow-ship. Moral catastrophe is due to no role model, no lead by example. Politicians, religious figures, teachers; there are no good examples available. 
Asking questions opens new venues. Suppressing questions is killing of knowledge. Put personal efforts to find active group. Finding good exposure is as hard as you can imagine. Self believe, content believe, personality, confidence; are recipes of mentor. 
Family issues; needs a lot of smile, communication, sharing, welcome kids to express at home. Meal together, outing, book reading, movie. Aggressiveness is sign of lack of communication, sharing concerns. Roots and causes are not properly addressed. We can develop problem solving oriented community. Frustration has its treatment too.

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