Difference Between Need and Greed
Money is important for survival and up to certain minimum needs fulfilled; excess is greed. Food to satisfy hunger is need, food for taste is greed (desire). We have increased our needs to the extent that now it is difficult to differentiate between need and greed. Name, fame, sensations; all come under this subject. Desires make our mind restless. We assume that desires are friends to us, in actual, desires are worst enemy to us. This is misconception that desires help us to proceed in life. We need comprehension, understanding to proceed in life, not desires. Imagine two ball teams in a game; one is very much induced about the name and fame of the country, the other team is trained to play a good game; which team would play better. First team will play under pressure. Desire has fear in it. In depth; desire is our enemy; understanding is our real friend. Playing is a need to be active. To satisfy basic nature is need; excess is desire. Rest is all conditioning (desire, greed and fear) from society. Do an experiment; try survival life with limited resources. Change the routine of living. Leave the life living in a small box; smartphone for few days in a month. In past, people were living natural and broad life. You will enjoy it. 

You will find that the needs are too small. People have attached money with happiness. Attach money with need, survival. Now I need very little money. Deeply understand this greed and need for survival. Greed will be diminished with understanding.

On job; you work and get paid. The best you work, more you get paid. This earning is based upon your work, not based on your desires. Life would be easy. The idea is not against comfort. But philosophy of understanding is you always be ready to live without comfort. Less needs result into less greed and more peace. We have recognized our desires as our needs; the source of stress; luxuries as needs. Peer pressure, giving people importance; competition, comparison; would be very happy (smiling face outside) and very sad (inner). Relationships attached to money is ridiculous. Relationships means peaceful company. Showing the world happy face and from inner very sad is very bad. 
With understanding making inner strong and controlling the needs is real joy. Homes and minds are filled with junk stuff. Clean the house and then see. Useless stuff is problem. 
Same we do with our mind. Clean outside, clean inside; peaceful living with understanding. People try to find happiness in stuffy environment; the reality is opposite. Past memories and future plans are stuffed in our mind. 
Basic nature is imitation; copy like monkeys; following my friends, relatives; all wrong, all wrong. They are following their basic nature without any understanding; eating, drinking, emptying, produce kids, work for earning money; cycle; this is majority lifestyle. Imagine how much excretions, we created. We can improve our capabilities without limitations with understanding. You can overcome fear of earning money with understanding. Now you know how to earn money; you are now able to earn bigger money and you cannot spend a lot because your needs are now limited. Mind works better in a peaceful environment now. Joys come in life. Relationships become more and more strengthened. Be the kind of person you want to meet.

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