Discover Your Threshold and Then Decide to Become Hero
Izteraab; Anxiety, hurry, impatience, eagerness, unease, restlessness, edginess, fire; takes you to do something very special. If you say from heart, what to do, then nature answers. Hero by Rhonda Byrne; Creator gave them signal to do something well before time. Now it was matter of courage and they did it. We used to listen everyone around except the voice of inner (Creator) which is directing us to the right direction. As a result, this lack of courage results into regret. Salim Ghauri, Malik Riaz and others (from Zero to Hero) showed courage, decided and proceeded. No need to say, what you are going to do. Just do it, people will automatically know what you did. Blind, deaf, handicap, people with disability got successful. Find your threshold, airport; and be prepared to fly.

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