Do it Right Now
Game starts from grabbing materialistic stuff. Then human runs after name and fame. These are all traps; rise above and go for something meaningful. 
Sometimes doing a tiny job gives you a tremendous satisfaction; which one cannot achieve with high scores. These days, everyone is in depression. People are looking for laughter. Start amusing people. Buy a book of jokes and start sharing with the people. Chance is there, in this interaction you find something very special. It takes time to make some progress. This is just an example. Meaningful contribution is very important. Use your sense of humour. May be you become a hero comedian. Do it right now. Take Action. Only listening lectures and making plans is not enough. Postponing and procrastination is a virus. Start with small step; planning for big is a trap. To change the results, needed to change the routine; without change nothing will change. Leave the planning of tomorrow, next month, next year. Do something today.

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