Evil Eye and Its Effect
Very, very important; never tell your problem to anyone. Not alone me, five more people join us in negative thinking. Instead of focusing on solution, we make 500 people thinking negative. My son hurts me; 500 more minds added in this negative process. Both son and parents getting negative energy from around. Don't invite other people's negative thoughts (energies) in your life. Two persons can easily solve their conflict if they don't involve third person. Then these two need more work hard for solution. Daughter (mother)-in-law; conflicts. If others don't add anything into it, at least they will add negative thoughts into it. People will add some more people too. Is it possible we keep the matter up to us. Counselors while talking, find solution from our talk. Even if he give us solution, implementation is still our responsibility. Negative thinking has become very easy. For small problems we have arrangements of magnifying it. 
People's Negative Energies Cannot Influence Us. 
If I'm already negative, I'll easily catch negative thought from others. But if it is reverse then I can protect myself. This is description of Evil Eye. Fear of Evil Eye make us more contemptuous. Believe if few people think negative about me, a lot of people pray for me. Focus on positive side. If five people can affect, why not 5000 people effective. The secret is where you set and connect your frequency. Delete this line from your vocabulary in 2018. I have Eye of Creator on me, so I'm protected. People cannot do anything, these are our thoughts which matter. Stop and check; can we have the power to affect people's destiny. Yes, I have the power to affect my destiny. Until I believe that people are thinking about me, people's thinking cannot affect me. I created fear while thinking about people's thoughts.

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