Failure Vs Success
Engineering degree was completed in 2016; but not collected yet. Everything look kind of waste. Purpose was good job, good salary. Only degrees are of no use. No jobs available. Book Summary videos on youtube was started which worked. 60% or more graduates don't get job, many start working in different field on little salary. They have to learn completely new things from scratch by spending more time and money. Main reason is mentality and education system. Intellectuals and toppers work for school drop outs. There are four important reasons; why toppers work for failures and average people. 1) Fear of Failure; Failing is bad, top your marks; is motto. Otherwise teachers, parents, society punish and mock. Negative mentality starts growing which leads to the fear of failure. As a result youth work hard, earn good marks, good job, good salary. Accept any thing but no failure. Successful people know; fear of failing mentality not let people succeed in life. Thomas Edison (bulb), Colonel Sanders 65 (KFC); don't fear about failure. There are different perspectives of education, training, exam, business. A successful father was mentoring his family with learning from failures. Every day, he used to ask his kids to tell any failure story and lessons learned from it. He used to encourage to try something new and find solution to the problem. Whenever his daughter told him, today she didn't face any problem, he expressed sad and uttered; I guess you didn't try anything new. She became successful in life. Difference in shaping mentality. Failure teaches to succeed in a big way. Fearful people never try anything new. Mark score is not everything. Toppers got trapped in admiration. 'A' prefer to work in a company of 'C' and average. 
2) No Financial Literacy; Financial Knowledge is important to live happy life. In early age; when our brain is best to learn, we need to learn most useful skills to use in life. For example; Communication Skills, Self Confidence, Financial Knowledge, Relationship Handling. We don't learn important knowledge for a happy life. Education system teaches us; how to follow orders (discipline). It results into shaping employee mentality.
There are four quadrants for earning money; employee, self employment (self presence), business (self presence - not necessary), investment (passive income). School teaches us first two quadrants. Financial knowledge needed for next two quadrants is not available there. Entrepreneurship mentoring facility is available in US and first world.
3) Injustice; Albert Einstein; “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Judge with justice, not equality. Everyone has different talent, different skills. Fish and monkey are being judged to climb on tree (in current system). Our youth are not  being trained in skills so that they become successful in life. There are many flaws in Education System but to blame is not only option. At least we may change ourselves.
4) About Others; Reason of failure for many people. Toppers (A) work for school drops (C). They inspire from wrong people; friends, relatives, neighbors. Need is to inspire from the people who have knowledge for success; mentors, books.
From Book "Why 'A' Students Work for 'C' Students" and 'B' Students Work for the Government and Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Education for Parents By: Robert T. Kiyosaki

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