Human Without Body Exercise is Like Aeroplane on Flight Without Inspection
Aircraft parked on airport needs no direction; but once it is ready to fly; it needs direction. Same rule is for those who are active in life. Look at our body as aircraft body material; if the structure is not made up of right material; the plane will crash. Human body and health; the most ignored and overlooked in the list. Very few people among us work on body and health on daily basis; regular nutrition and other check ups and energy level. The awareness and understanding; which routines are growing our energy level and which are lowering it; is important. If we have to feel and face pain for that workout; even then it is needed to carry on. First and foremost step is physical fitness; next comes mental fitness. Aeroplane without fitness is not recommended for flight. 

Mostly our fatigues, sad mood; is rooted to physical unfitness; gym, yoga; are temporary and superficial. The real way is; whatsoever; you are doing; extend your holding capacity. Mostly it happens that we feel pain in some body part and the root cause is somewhere else; even doctor is not surely able to diagnose. We need the holding capacity for a while. We need to understand the difference between good and bad pain. This discussion is based on lifestyle. 

What we are doing and what should we do; are two different things. Aeroplane is in right condition or it has some defect; it goes through regular check ups. It's not a matter to take a chance. Stretching and strengthening; may be needed for future lifestyle preparation. In young age youth have problems like old age people now-a-days. These are alert signals. We need to learn from mistakes. Otherwise the results may be horrendous. The whole body is interconnected. If one part is defected, it may slowly affect the other parts of the body. You cannot assume that aeroplane has only one part defected. That part is connected to other parts. We are habitual to look for immediate results. 

Our body cells are changing everyday. With same exercise, you can feel pain in different locations. If pain is not shifting; it's not healthy sign; it must shift. This shifting is related to holding. Never give up practice. Daily one hour work on your body is must. Body, health, emotions, relationships; need body fitness. Pain; anywhere in the body; influence the whole body. Learn to bear good pain with smile. Pain is not important; pleasure is not important. Energy properly flow with exercise. Don't focus on pain or pleasure; focus on exercise. Goal is understanding.

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