Thought Filtering Process Starts From Changing Simple Habits
Just like refraining from junk food, we have to built a habit to allow any thought to come into our mind, check carefully whether it is worth to give space in brain or not. To control obesity, don't eat while watching TV. It means, be aware what we are eating. Be aware of many things which are unhealthy for our body and mind. Be assure, this life / health / body / brain is one time. So only use it very very carefully with awareness. Listen to your mind / body / conscious; what is right. We have some inner voice, which is cautioning us. But if we keep on suppressing / snubbing / ignoring this voice; it will become weaker and weaker.
Mind, brain, heart; originally has purity, knowledge and wisdom. If we listen it, it's based on purity and wisdom. We are not listening the real; our listening is based on taste, greed. In false seeking happiness in food and taste, we betray ourselves. Sweet, oil; we don't eat for health, we eat for happiness / taste. When we are eating for taste, we got it with first spoon. What is difference between taste of first and last spoon of ice cream (question from an excited eater)? It is not for hunger; if we are hungry, we can eat some healthy food. If we have to make strong our consciousness, we have to start from small habits. Acceptance, detached, stable conscious; we can make but it must be started from small habits. Sleep, wake up, drink, eat, sit, stand, walk, talk; is simple comfort zone, simple habits, simple state of mind. If we are not taking action to harness small habits, our state of mind is becoming weak and weak. Our state of mind is not able to control our eating habit, as we have made it so weak, how can we expect from it, that it will face the big situations. Discipline Simple Habits; if I am not able to run for 100 meters; how can I dream to go for marathon. First step in spirituality is lifestyle discipline. Start from physical; eating, drinking, sleeping, awakening then you will be able to proceed towards filtering thinking process.

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