Unbelievable Facts About Social Media Addiction
79% smartphone users check their mobile before anything when they wake up. It is a big tool for corporate world; why and how we have become so addicted to these gadgets. We just turn it on and then we spent hours and hours without any sense of what are doing. This is all advertisement and game industry. Some companies spend millions dollars to advertise their products; others earn millions dollars by selling virtual games. Now they will charge money for buying speed in virtual games. Don't think how people are so stupid that they are ready to buy virtual stuff; think about smartness of these corporates. Which science and techniques they used to make people addicted. These tips and tricks, you can use for your business too. 
HOOK by HABIT. 40% of human life is driven by habits. Time, money and energy becomes second priority in our thought process after becoming habitual. Habit forming hook model; a tool. It has four phases; 1) Trigger; like key needed to start car. Reminder; Don't Forget; Trigger urges about the next action to take. Like one gets notification of a video on youtube and then starts watching other videos. There are two types of trigger; external and internal. External comes from outside; sometimes they are paid; ads, SMS. Earned Triggers; PR activities, Campaign, Event, Relationship Triggers, Own Triggers. User using your App. All notifications are examples of external triggers. Corporates spend on these external triggers. Internal triggers are more important than external ones. Brain reminds and encourages about internal triggers. e.g, Instagram use; when user feels happy or feels good location; captures it and stores on instagram. He feels that he has captured it and from now he will never lose it. People become so habitual that they capture and share each and every event. 

Your product should make them feel good. It starts from External Trigger but then repeated use make it Internal Trigger. Product should relieve users pain or provide pleasure e.g, Youtube relieves from boredom. Facebook helps in loneliness. Google helps to address confusion and curiosity. Your product should solve problem or make them feel great. If not then it is not possible to make your product habit. 

2) Action; before Whatsapp there were many Messengers available in the market (Yahoo, Nimbuzz; they needed log in, password every time). Whatsapp (needed only phone number registration once); provided easy to use option. Reward makes action more easy. Good Reward = Easy Action.
Best for habit forming product. Make actions as easy as possible. 
3) Reward; Open empty fridge, see what is there and close it. Repeat it as much as you want. How many times you will do it before you get bored. Imagine if every time you open fridge, every time you find fresh food, fruit there. You will keep on opening it again and again without asking getting bore. Better action wishes reward and if there is no reward, there would be no action and he will get bored. If we get same thing as reward all the time, we will get bored soon. Variable rewards are very important for product. Facebook presents you different things. People got hooked for hours. Novelty, variation is the key. 
4) Investment; Popularity of video games; the sense behind. People had invested a lot (in the form of energy, time, effort, data) to achieve a level in the game. They will become dependent and get addicted. In case of Facebook they increase their friend list, update profile, share their photos; this is all investment types. Mail website case is same; with the volume of contact list increase, it becomes hard for them to switch and keep getting dependent. People are familiar with quarter keyboard, they don't like to change it. People Value your product as per their investment. 
Bad Habits of using Internet for long hours, Junk food.

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