What is Guidance

Bayazid's teacher - a small kid was walking in the streets of a village with lamp in his hand when it was dark all over. Bayazid asked; why he was there; the kid told that he was helping passerbys with light. Bayazid asked; from where this light comes in this lamp. The kid turned off the lamp and asked Bayazid; where this light goes. Bayazid found himself speechless. One can gratitude for wisdom, fame, books, unconditional love, parents; gratitude is light. Eliminate negativity, blaming. Even at some level thank to your enemies, hurting, insulting, accidents. They helped you to think in a different way. “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.” The time of complaint is actually the time of gratitude. Thoughts become objects. Complaining will not help you. Help others for change otherwise leave it as is. Stop complaining to Creator for creation and stop complaining to creation for Creator. Worship the Creator, not creation. Change whatever you can, leave the rest. Sufferings and tests sometimes come to make you maturer, to teach you, to help you understand people. Complaining stops a very important process. Complaining makes you restless, it snatches your peace. Complaining takes you to negative feeling. Gratitude takes you to positive side. 
Gratitude or Gratefulness (Shikwa aur Shuker)"; with experience, wisdom and knowledge; this discussion would be helpful for all of those who want to improve their lives. 
It helps to understand self role (self assessment) and other people's behavior. Every person has some specific characteristics; some are pure crying creations; some are full of gratitude. 
There are some experts who can tell you what your personality is; these have capability to read and assess the reflection of energy waves; one is generating.

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