Education or Character or Both 2018
Four Important Lessons: 1) Stephen Elop, High Competence and Low Character hiring. He was leader with favorable skills but unfavorable will. He was Internal Business Head in Microsoft in 2010. Then he joined Nokia. 2013 Forbes tells that Elop was in favor to merge Nokia to microsoft. Nokia OS MeeGo and with Android was very powerful. Elop stopped both deliberately. Elop was eyeing as successor of Steve Ballmer (CEO Microsoft). Elop acted as Trojan Horse (Beware of the insider, for he can bring down the biggest setup because of his insider knowledge). He rejected MeeGo and introduced Symbian (OS). That was time for Nokia (a global giant) to go for Android. Lesson; High Competence without Character is disaster. Skill with will makes good leader. Educated thief afflicts more damage. Elop was wrong person for that job and he would destroy Nokia. Microsoft was great in Laptop, Computer, Desktop. Microsft tried Mobile by buying Nokia but this decision was wrong. 50 Billion Nokia was sold for only 7 Billion.
2) Wrong Acquisition;Was Steve Ballmer very competent. He was responsible of downfall of Microsoft. Satya Nadella (Indian CEO) saved it. Spent 7 Billion and stopped using Nokia name. Elop and Steve decided to use Nokia hardware. Hardware company was available in 1 Billion. 6 Billion spent more and didn't use Microsoft Nokia. They thought that they will become Apple (with own Hardware and Software). Expensive Acquisition and Incompatible Operating System (OS), was wrong decision. Other companies came in with smart phone.
3) Its OK to be a Last Mover but at least be a Fast Mover. Apple (iOS) and Android grew very fast. They attracted Apps. Microsoft came in last and was slow mover at that point of time. Jio, Patajali were last mover but fast mover. Satya Nadella (CEO) came and focused on core business of Microsoft. To introduce a third Eco System in phones was too late. All service providers were already gone to Apple and Android.
4) Comeback of Nokia; Former employees of Nokia made HMD in 2016 in Finland. They bought back Nokia from Microsoft. They converted feedback into feed forward. Created no risk model. They addressed Nokia mistakes, win the trust of Retailer and Distributor. Nokia was offering very nominal margin. HMD empowered Retailer and Distributor. HMD (Sales, Marketing, Branding) is using Nokia with Android, manufactured by Foxconn. They are using Fly Light Model - No Big Risk. Used maximum opportunity market (9000-15000). They introduced Feature Phone and Smart Phone. Q3 2017 sold 21 Million Nokia phones. In last 6 months came with Feature (5) Phone and (6) Smart Phone, (400) Retailer and (80,000) Distributor, after sale service in (300) cities. Convert feedback into feed forward.
Don't ignore customer's signal. Convert feedback into action. HMB is using brand equity of Nokia. Nokia has recall equity; First Mobile Experience. It has Old Brand Equity, Old Recall Value, Old Brand Trust. Nokia has Phenomenal Legacy, Trustworthiness, Extreme Loyalty, Reliability, Outstanding Quality.
Four Major Points of Nokia; 1) Stephen Elop's Negative Will. 2) Wrong Acquisition. 3) Slow Mover. 4) Neglecting Feedback.
Entrepreneur Leadership, Corporate Leadership; needs some mentor-ship

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