Fame or Success or Both
Some institutes are nursery role, limited capacity, little salary; prepare manpower for big organizations, high salary. Some people cook for others.

Three ways to know your weakness; 1) Don't be shy to listen and know about your weakness. Welcome criticism. 2) Observe and criticize yourself, self analysis, self accountability. 3) Get feedback (suggestion) from your circle of influence.
Success is related to become busy, schedule, demand, need. You have attend, participate in many programs and some you miss. Then you become under criticism. 100, 000 unread messages on text on phone in 15 days is one example. How it is possible to reply 200,000 text messages in a month. He is not selfish, he has become goal oriented, task focused. Pregnancy, success or taking some responsibility brings some insecurity. Single or poor is more brave.

Successful people get success late and their dear people (father, mother) die before their success (dilemma). Remember their childhood petulance (rangeeni); paper boat and rain water (simplicity). Gets trapped into cleverness, distant from simple happiness. Realization, feelings, happiness belongs to heart, not to mind. This grown (successful) man is now in the control of mind, not with heart. Now it has become a robot, alone. He uses nears and dears to capture / secure success but now becomes alone. Then goes for addictions. Loses the unconditional love and sacrifices. Have no free time. Has library but has no time to read the books. Collections and insecurity rises and happiness diminishes. You are lucky if you are gumnaam (hidden) and prosperous. You become fame and prosperous. Natural tiny enjoyments go away. Simplicity, nature, origin; already leave with fame. Lost the real and what you got is not for you (fame and etc). 

Real friends are unconditional. And we can only find them when we have nothing with us. We have only limited stuff with us. Now with fame and prosperity; the people around you are not your friends. They are people of their own interest. Now we become en-surrounded with selfish people. No one is there interested in your success. Now you are isolated from sincere wealth friendship. 

When you are not clear on your goals and targets, you got under influence of others. Doubtful and confused people suspect others. Once you believe in your capabilities, you don't need to suspect others.

There is no success as alone. One need company to become successful; now there is Ethical, credible attitude and unethical selfish attitude. 
Spare time for your elders who really made you. When you are shy to be arrogant, don't be shy to apologize. Take advantage of opportunity rather it becomes a regret. If your parents are gone; respect the related to your parents; uncles, aunties, friends of your parents; brothers, sisters and so on. We are well trained to hate, we are not good trained in love. 
Parents should pray for the success of their kids. This pray is very effective. Right earning and pray is a good gift for kids. Book 'The Magic' by Rhonda Byrne "Shukar Guzari ka Jadoo". Comprehend the Effectiveness of Gratitude; Ibrahim (Abraham) 14:7 And [remember the time] when your Sustainer made [this promise] known: 'If you are grateful [to Me], I shall most certainly give you more and more; but if you are ungrateful, verily, My chastisement will be severe indeed!'. If path is attractive, try to know where it goes. If destination is great, then no need to care about the path.

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