How to Write Action Plan
Task is to bridge the gap; where you are now and the goals you intend to reach. How to Create an Effective Action Plan to achieve the goal.
1) Decide exactly what you want; Clarity is single most important quality of goal setting and success. Be specific instead of general; money with time limits. Health and fitness level. Well oil machine will help you to achieve your community and spiritual related goals. Most people have no idea what they really want. Most people unconsciously preoccupied with the fear of failure which blocks them from setting career specific goals.
2) Write you goal or goals down on paper; only 3% of adults have written goals. Success begins from a piece of paper and few minutes of your time. 'The Three Goal Method' 30 seconds, quickly write. Most important goals of your life. This is programming of subconscious mind and activating the whole series of mental powers that will enable you to accomplish much more than you ever dream. You begin to expect to achieve the goals and you start to attract people and circumstances into your life that are consistent with attainment of your goals. 
Imagine you are going to market and you don't have written list. You will forget 3-4 items out of 10 and will bring home 3-4 items unnecessary.
3) Set a Deadline; If it is a large goal, setup sub deadlines. A deadline is an estimate; sooner or later you will achieve. Must have a target time. It works as a forcing system at your subconscious mind. 20 years; you can break it each year.
4) Make a list of everything you could you could possibly think of that you will have to do to achieve your goal. This will be a layout. Identify the obstacles to overcome, identify the knowledge, information, skills needed, identify the people whose support is required. More comprehensive your list, more you will be motivated. More intense desire will make more believe. Prioritize; what is most important and less important. Sequence; what you have to do before you do something else, and in what order. List every single step to follow. Add new items and use 80/20 rule. 80% of your results will come from 20% of your activities. 20/80 Rule; The first 20% of time that you spend planning your goal and organizing your plan will be worth 80% of the time and effort required to achieve the goal.
5) Schedule it into a comprehensive plan; each day, each week, each month. More careful and more detail you are when you plan, more you will accomplish in less time. Rule; each minute spent on planning saves 10 minutes on execution. Start your day from most important activity. Then second most important and so on.
6) Take Action; keep track of your progress.

Conceive, Believe, Achieve
Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti; Battle of Chamkaur; Military Leaders, Corporate Leaders, Business Leaders, Political Leaders, Social Leaders, Student Leaders. Guru used ununderstandable, unimaginable, unbelievable; thought process. 10 lakh army was chasing guru. He was accompanied with only 40 people.
Golden Statement; When you get a set back, don't sit back, only step back to bounce back. Guru and his 40 supporters believed in struggle until die. 10 lakh army underestimated the strength of 40. 
Chidian De Naal Baaz Larava; Only when i make birds fight hawks. Bhairon Ko Mai Shair Banaoun, Raajan Kay Sung Runk Laraoun; I will turn Jackals into Lions, I will make the servants fight the Kings. Bhoop Gareeban Ko Kehlaoun, Chirrion Say Mai Baaj Taraoun; I will turn poor into Rich, I will make sparrows break falcons. Savah Laakh Say Aik Laraoun, Tabai Gobind Singh Naam Kahaoun; I will make 1 fight 125000, then my name shall be Gobind Singh.
Conceive Believe Achieve; Think Big. 10 lakh were defeated from 40.

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