How to Build an Iconic Legendary Powerful New Year
Three things to do; 1) One focus resolution will bring revolution; Create a steel strong powerful resolution; Consciously hold on to your resolution. Fitness Goal, Relationship Goal, Health Goal, Family Goal, Social Goal, Financial Goal. More than 95% resolutions are broken latest by 15th January. 2) Transform your stagnation in recession with consistency in progression. Make it life style. Kapil Dev (Indian Cricketer) used to at stadium 4:00 am, not out of bed. You don't need an alarm clock. Your passion is your excitement. 
3) Recruit Support; Find a mentor, super specialist in your area of passion. Online, physical; continuous hand holding implementation support. It's like individual tuition. Make available measurable support with recruitment. You will get many oppositions. Kill the objection in advance. Find and Surround yourself by like-minded, mentor, coach. Continue continuous search of this kind of people. Write down the names of three people, who can actually help you? 1 ..... 2 ...... 3 ...... My Focused Revolutionary Resolution is ...... Use this Brain Tattoo like skin Tattoo.

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