Inner Peace
There was a very rich man living in a village. He had no inner peace. He tried every where to find inner peace but failed. A crazy person was also living in the same village. One day the crazy person talked to the rich man. Should I tell you the person who can solve your problem. The crazy person told the rich man the address of wise person. The rich man found that wise person (Mullah Nasiruddin) and told him about his ambition. Mullah listened the whole story and asked, what is at your chest and you love it too much. The rich person replied, this the whole wealth which I earned throughout my life and I am ready to present it to the person who may solve my problem. Mullah told him that his issue was solved fully. Mullah jumped from the tree, grabbed the packet and ran away. The rich man was stranger in that area, also he was not good runner. After losing his whole wealth, the rich man was extremely grieved.
After a while Mullah again reappeared and hurled the packet towards rich man. Mullah asked the rich man, how you feel now. The rich man replied, very much relaxed.
n life, we have countless blessings, which we take for granted, and we are waiting for the time when we will lose them. Then we will realize their importance.
Can we try to live with gratitude attitude; and say, Almighty, You gave me great, yes, there may be few missing but I am hopeful, You will grant me those too. This change in thinking will change your life. Change in thinking changes the stars. Scenes will change with changing point of view. Changing the boats will not help. Changing the direction will change the shore. Change your thinking style to change your lifestyle.

[Pride is the growth of blindness and darkness; humility, the product of light and knowledge; and whilst pride has its origin in a mistaken or delusive estimate of things, humility is as much the offspring of truth as the parent of virtue.]

Sukoon Muhal Hai Qudrat Ke Kaarkhane Mein
Sabat Aik Taghiyur Ko Hai Zamane Mein
Quiescence (inactive, motionless) is difficult in the universe
Only change is permanent in the universe

Sabat-E-Zindagi Aeeman-E-Muhkam Se Hai Dunya Mein
Kah Almani Se Bhi Paenda Tar Nikla Hai Toorani
The stability of life in the world comes from the strength of faith,
For the Turanians have emerged firmer than even the Germans.

Jab Iss Angara’ay Khaki Mein Hota Hai Yaqeen Paida
To Kar Leta Hai Ye Bal-O-Par-E-Rooh-ul-Ameen Paida
When certainty is born in these embers of ashes,
Then it gives birth to the wings of Gabriel.

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