Jealousy is the Jaundice of the Soul
How you deal / face adversity, it matters. Stress; a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Some people shatter like broken glass and others sparkle in situation. One stone turned into pieces when it was hit and one stone turned into masterpiece when it was carved. How to be original and never to be a carbon copy of anything. Absurdity (the quality or state of being ridiculous or wildly unreasonable) of conduct arises when people imitate (take or follow as a model) others. You can never be the other person and you will lose yourself. Every well water has its own taste. Every bowl has its own odor, no two person have same finger print. If you lose your name, where will you go? If you lose your identity, you will shatter. How World Deals; First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. First they laugh at you, then they will walk with you, then you will applaud you. "A person with a new idea is a crank (a person who has strange or unusual ideas and beliefs) until the idea succeeds." Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work. Good intentions need to be executed otherwise they will die. I am not 201 in front of 200. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm and risk. A poor boy said, I don't compete with anyone, I compete with myself; and he achieved. "Jealousy is the jaundice of the soul." Big, big disease, what people think about me. 90% people are trapped into it. If someone said a word to them, they become shattered. It is alright if people throw stones at you. Bearing fruit is more significant than being stoned. The Tree That Bears Fruit Will Be Stoned. Being criticized is good because it meant you have stood up for something. When you are kicked and criticized, remember that is often done because it gives the kicker a feeling of importance. You are criticized because you are important. No One Ever Kicks a Dead Dog. We must first know how to work without attachment, and then one will not be a devoted or dedicated or obsessive. We should know that this world is like a dog's curly tail and will never get straightened. Answer your inner, satisfy your inner, you will have good sleep. Don't be accountable to the world, be accountable to yourself. Good conscience is the best tranquilizer you will ever have. Duniya Mein Sabhi Ko Sab Kuch Haasil Nahi Milta; Har Nadi Ki Lehar Ko Sahil Nahi Milta; Arrey! Yeh Dilwaalo Ke Duniya Hai Ajab Hai Daastan Iski; Kisi Se Dil Nahi Milta; Aur Koi Dil Se Nahi Milta.
25 years cricketer, 3 times MP, wife minister, 20 years commentator; all became possible with passion. Live one idea, breathe one idea, sleep one idea, talk one idea. Let that idea be a tidal wave. Let it engulf in every pour in your body. Every pore of your body must sing that idea. You will definitely be successful. How it is important to enjoy your work. Don't feel it as burden. Sympathy is for the weak and the weak go to the cooking pot. Those who achieve never point a finger at anybody, they will never crib, cry. The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.
Character is not made by crisis. It is only exhibited. Character is certainly exhibited at the time of crisis. However, one's character can change after the crisis.
1983; failed in two matches. Question was; what is value of human life; he was given a precious pearl and was advised to get evaluated but not to sell. All people put different value on it; Greengrocering, Sabzi or phal Farosh (few dollars), goldsmith (big money), diamond seller (not possible). What is value of human life; it is the way how you think, how you look at your life. You can sell it for nothing or you can make it priceless. Nazar Badli Nazare Badle; Kashti badli Kinaare Badle; Soch Unchi Banda Shenshaah Shaho ka Shah ... Aur Sochi Neechi Aadmi Bikhari ... Haath Mein Tootha Than Than Paal.
Concentration makes you happy and gives you plenty to do. The great secret of any accomplishment is will power. You have as strong a will as anyone. You determine your own fate. Learning how to use your will is 
important. Your thrive (focus) take you to the destiny. Take Responsibility for Your Destiny. Take Control of Your Destiny and Move. If you want to stay at the top, you will have to perform extraordinarily. Story of eagle, hare and fox; eagle tells the hare, stay at the top; hare was torn by fox on the ground while copying eagle. That's the only way to enjoy. There is no space for mediocrity. You have to have distinction; world likes champions; people follow champions. Dunia manne zoran noon koi nah manne kam zoran noon. Winning is not important. Dekhne wali hoti hai munh par raunaq jeet ke aaya ho jo run. The day you think that you know everything, the day you think that you are perfect, you are dead. Because nothing is perfect. Even sun has spots; moon increases and decreases. Nothing is perfect in this world. No success without struggle. River without flow, youth without enthusiasm is of no importance.

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