Small Habits May Give You Big Strength
Be more stronger than before. Try little exercises; Dieting for few days, eat once a day; stand in balcony and don't see below; Drive car for half hour and don't listen radio, don't look around; one day break with no face book; will help in self-control and will help to focus. Self will learn to be in control. I can do this. Be forwarding in life. Commit, decide and prove; this way confidence builds up. It improves determination. If one rejects, you have to hug him. If one becomes angry, you show kindness. 40 days transformation. Gurukul; a special religious school system; for admission, at the age of 7 one have to leave alone 7 am from home, cannot see back; have to sit on the gate of school with closed eyes for 12 hours; people kick him but he cannot open eyes. This is test for admission.
Concentration; Focus; don't mix things and issues; try to be present where you are; be present in the current moment.
Defocus; Doing something else and thinking something else make you less productive. Communication system (mobile phone) must serve you; not vice versa. Focus at what you are doing.
While dinner with your family; don't attend business calls. Assume; No one enter my home. Focus at Home.

Different Point of View
Can we develop habit of viewing things with different angle? While discussing issues we can look into around from different prospects. If someone is insulting mother; mother is respected for everyone all over, he is not insulting one mother. Speaking out needs a courage. Parents compare their children with neighbors. May kids permit to compare parents with neighbors. Be friendly with all.

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