Stop Leakages In Your Mind
Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. Don't accept failure, always be positive. Don't focus on problem (past), focus on solution (future). What is my next thought? Thought has so much power that it can make you or it can break you. If my son is sick, what should I do! Quality of thought matters. Some people have cancer but they are strong but there is other weak type too. Some live longer, others die before time. Our thoughts and suggestions of around us affect us. Don't think about problem, focus on solution. We are trapped in misconception that hours and hours in the name of solution we do opposite; we focus on problem. Switch it off. This is all blame game and depletion of energy. Very thin line but needs a lot of awareness. Any thing past or where someone else is responsible; don't waste energy on that. It is jump and shift from problem towards solution. Imagine; what are we doing in routine life. I entered in my room and I saw there was a snake in my room. Now what should I do? Should I call a conference or right away kill the snake or chase it to make it run. Now I am stuck with the story of snake. How it came, why it was here; these all thoughts are wasting our time, energy and potential. The situation is over now; why we are bringing it back again and again. This is too much. Past is not in my control, what people are doing; is not in my control. Thinking on what is not in my control; depletes my energy, potential and time. This is wastage. When we make a speech or engaged in a serious discussion, we become disengaged from noise and other distractions. It means we have some control. 
The reality is we accept what we like in our surroundings but in actual we have to accept what is not in our control too. Otherwise it will ruin our energy.
Imagine; if we are trying to break a solid rock or steel with our hands. We wouldn't be able to break rather our hands would be paining. Same is the case of pondering the situation and people who are not in our control. I will be in stress just for nothing.
Be very clear about what I am thinking, what is in my control and what is not in my control?
This is like controlling of wastage of electricity, water, AC, heater, hot water, fan, money, leave started car for whole day without use; we care about it. This is all about awareness and knowledge. The moment, we got awareness, we move accordingly. In the same way, we must care when we are thinking about what is not in our control (switch it off). This is also awareness.
Gradually we have to shift from unawareness to awareness. Knowledge and priority vary person to person.
Each and every thought (pipe of energy) is draining; shut it down. This is not only wastage, it creates damage. When there are too many uncontrolled thoughts, it is impossible to have quality thoughts. Double damage; too many thoughts and of low quality.
Whenever you would need quality thought; it had already been empty the reservoir of potential energy. We are all the time engaged in unnecessary thoughts and talks.
Now come to the real life scenario. Child comes every night 8 O' Clock, today he is late, now it is 9 O' Clock. What thoughts may come to mind. It is different for every one. Suppose every thing was normal and we created whole negative energy in one hour. When the child reached home, we had not given him chance to explain and started yelling on him. In other case, if something really happened, then we had no quality energy to face the situation. When we are not managing our resources, they may not be available when they are needed.
Start self awareness of conserving inner self energy by switching off unnecessary outlets (thoughts).

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