Vision 2018
Be Health Conscious; 
Physical (1 hour daily exercise will make rest 23 hours more productive , not only tasty but healthy food). 
Mental and Emotional (70+% problems from unrealistic expectations and excessive thinking). 
Social (volunteer work will help you to introduce new people). 
Spiritual (accept life as is) You win everyday with winner attitude. One human life well lived can be a game changing example for the entire humanity.

Be Health Conscious; 31DEC very dangerous, fake commitments, promises; 01JAN very exciting day, with new year resolutions. But it last in most cases for one week. Stability mostly depend on mind and body. Stable emotions, thoughts, actions need stable mind and body. Health is pivot for stable mind and body. 1) Physical Health; 90% of people are aware of only 25% zone of health (physical); cardio, gym etc. One person makes mistake, and the whole family suffers. Prayers are OK but prayers don't stop you to follow the rules. God helps those who help themselves. Dedicate one hour for body exercise. Body cannot care by itself. Body requests you to devote one hour for exercise. Body will nicely compensate and cooperate with you for next 23 hours. Avoid excessive commitment and become guilty conscious on no fulfillment. Don't get trapped in reverse psychological game in your mind and it will damage your enthusiasm. Start with small steps. Transform from tongue conscious food to real health conscious food; leave spicy and tasty and adapt real healthy food. 

2) Mental and Emotional Health; more than 70% problems of life are psychosomatic caused by excess thoughts and emotions. The origin is non-realistic expectations (family, friends, partners, colleagues). This results into frustration, anger, irritation, high blood pressure. Leave unrealistic expectations and save your health. 

We are standing under orange tree and trying to get mango; we are praying, consulting like-minded people, going to religious places to pray. We have wrong expectations from wrong sources; situation, person, spiritual uplift. Here are four possibilities; a) you will get what you expected b) you will get well beyond what you expected c) you will get less than what you expected d) you will not get what you expected. First two scenarios are OK, for third and fourth option improve yourself, wait for a while otherwise quit. Life is limited to get fulfilled all expectations. Hard work on yourself instead of working hard on others to whom you have some expectations. You watch some movie and enjoyed. Expecting that those people on screen would be with you at some point in life is wrong expectation. Expect, improve and quit.

3) Social Health; Plan to make 50 new friends who love us unconditionally in the next one year. Dedicate four days a month for any volunteer work to serve the community. Come out of personal brand and work for society uplift with unconditional devotion. Now people will join you regarding your contribution, regardless your background. With the change of surrounding, thoughts will change, it will change the behavior. Behavior Change Approach prioritizes the behaviors. You can help society with time, skill, intellectual ideas; even if you don't have money to spend. Make intention and you will find the way. Hold yourself responsible of some moral health contribution. Our siblings will follow us. You are setting an example for the people who are observing you. 

4) Spiritual Health; We have four conditions in life; good, very good, bad, very bad. Accept whatever you get as is. Don't change your holiness like seasons. We have to be stable for One Creator otherwise we cannot be stable for anything. This is a devotion and an uplift. We get it with surrender, and devotion. God helps those who help themselves. Designate 1-10 mentors for 2018, who are more successful, who have more capabilities. Make yourself non-judgmental; color, background, past experiences, community, religion. Prophets never claimed from a specific cadre. All people belong to same planet; same journey. Everyday gratitude the Creator what He granted. I surrender to You, O My Creator. Watch, observe, help me in each and every moment of my day. I will accept everything unconditionally whatever I will get after all my efforts. 
Al-Hadid (Iron) 57:23
In order that you may not grieve at the things that you fail to get, nor rejoice over that which has been given to you. And Allâh likes not prideful boasters.
Live non-judgmental life with right track people. This will be a state of transformation. You will get your luck anyway, with His special blessings you will get even more than your destiny. Don't waste your time, don't wait anybody to come to change your life. You and only you are creator of your destiny and life. You win everyday with winner attitude. One human life well lived can be a game changing example for the entire humanity.

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