Zero to Hero
Blood, Sweat, Toil, Tears; needed for success. There is no shortcut to success. No Lift; to success that makes an achiever. It is only hard work. Big achievements are during adversity. In 1983; kicked out in two matches. Didn't keep in 55 people. Father was crying like a baby; 2 times 
advocate general of the state, 2 time MP, 2 time MLA. Hiding a newspaper from son 17. Youth, cheating everyday, wake up at 5:00 and slept in other room. That day something snapped. On front page in 'Indian Express' was news Navjot Singh Sidhu The stroke Less Wonder. A 40 line article, ripped, stripped, no pride left. Read and wept like a baby. Hurt father, it was his dream. It was a goal of life. Took the sacred vows, oath. Cut the article and paste in cupboard. Woke up 3:30 without alarm. Used will power, taking all the groundsmen, watering the pitch, pull the roller on the pitch then running / training. Light breakfast and then to the ground. One hour sleeping after lunch in the afternoon. Everyday 126 sixes practice. Hands bleed, blood burn due to bristles, used special gloves, within 3 months hands were like iron; 4 years except Sundays, sixes were raining. Diet perfect, no outdoor activities, no fancy clothes. Like a monk 4:00 am to 12:00 night in the ground. Dinner would be laid on the table and sleeping with pads on and wake up again with pads on. One fine day, found father dead. 15-20 days were very strange. Then people told play for country to make his dream true. For 1.5 year, was totally disconnected from the world. Then scored 700 in one tournament and then selected 25 for world cup and then reliance world cup. 550's in a row, 26 sixes, on the way to Sharjah in air flight; someone showed me 'Khaleej Times' front page Navjot Singh Sidhu from a stroke Less Wonder to a palm groove hitter, a world record holder.

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