The Mindset Of The Worlds Highest Achievers | Heres What You Can Learn
What we fear doing most, is usually what we most need to do.
Hack #1:How To Never Worry Again and how to stop listening self-doubt. Everyday we have some moments when our thoughts drift. This drift may work as a wake up call towards opportunities in real life. While hanging out with friends for longtime and all of a sudden we realize that  maybe that person like me or not; we got late in many necessary responsibilities; and all of a sudden we start worrying about. This is result of being habitual and not making decision to achieve some goals and just following an auto-pilot routine. This is a proof of a living without following any schedule, any growth of skill, any self-development program. This  wake up realization may help you to establish the whole course of your life. 1) Why I'm caught in the habit of worrying. 2) Why I'm talking negative to my mind. Use this shift to interrupt the pattern of spinning habit of thinking. At this wake up moment, your mind is ready to receive a different thought. Pause ... here for few seconds. Now imagine and visualize where your business will be after five years and feel proud and happy. It is not easy like  changing a channel. But in steps it's possible. First, interrupt the spinning cycle pattern of thinking; worry and negative. Second, provide some positive visionary, imaginary; toasting your success; being proud of yourself, take help from any thought that can make you happy. Use this tool to control your thoughts and eventually life.
Hack #2: How To Set Better Goals; Book Mentioned: “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind: 10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed On Your Own Terms”
Make three columns on a piece of paper; Column 1; what experiences I want to have in life; what lifestyle I like, what are my liking; what type of accomplishments I want to make; what type of achievements I want to make. Most of the experiences we want, require no money. Our mistake is; we relate everything to money.
Column 2; with all these experiences, how can I grow. We as a human being have a soul to grow. How can I grow as a better person; better father, better spouse, skills, languages, speeches etc. Very few people realize that growth is a goal in itself. This growth is driving force which keep us moving as a human being. The system with forced learning makes many people dread learning.
Column 3; now with all these experiences and growth, how can I get back to my people, community, society, world. The rule is; if you want to be happy, make other people happy. This would true lead fulfillment. This will take your growth, experiences and will contribute to your fellow souls, human race. Use your skills, mentor someone, deliver your skills to inspire people. Your list of contributions will become your list of steps for you to give back to the world. This will take you to beyond your happiness into fulfillment.
This three column sheet is your goal list. This will lead you to many short-cuts which will by-pass many unnecessary detours; a straight path to contribute, to true human fulfillment.
Hack #3: How To Master Self-Awareness; Discourse on Truth, wrote my story, made 100 copies and distributed to all my known. This is way to listen your own story and Self-Awareness starts from there. We get addicted to know about we already thinking about something. This a weird state we have; operating on old memories, what we read, what we don't pertain. This is the process of transferring the cloudy, gloomy, vague, unclear knowledge into explicit, clear, specific, precise knowledge. We can start seeing a lot more in ourselves and what's out there. WRITE and the rest will follow.  

Hack #4: How To Have A Balanced Life

Hack #5: How To Test The Impossible; Book Mentioned; “Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of ........., Icons, and World-Class Performers”.

Hack #6: How To Learn Something New; 

Hack #7: How To Enjoy Rejection; 

Hack #8: How To Create A Comeback 

Hack #9: How To Come Up With Business Ideas; Book Mentioned: “Disrupt You!: Master Personal Transformation, Seize Opportunity, and Thrive in the Era of Endless Innovation”.

Hack #10: How To Find Happiness; Books Mentioned: “Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People”

Har Dardmand Dil Ko Rona Mera Rula De
Behosh Jo Pare Hain, Shaid Inhain Jaga De
May every compassionate heart weeping with me be
Perhaps it may awaken those who may unconscious be

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