10 Traits All Great Leaders Possess
No man will become a great leader who wants to do it all himself, or get all the credit for doing it.
As the leader, you’re constantly facing challenges, the biggest of which is how to be a great leader, every day. Great leadership is the foundation of any organization, big or small, because without it, growth is impossible.

10 Attributes of Truly Great Leaders
1) Communication; Great leaders are expert communicators. They spend most of their time listening. And when they speak, they’re not just clear - they are sincere and consistent in what and how they communicate. (This trait, out of all of them, almost always is first on everyone’s list - that’s how important it is.)
2) Integrity; The greatest leaders in the world are impeccable (perfect, spotless) with their word. Integrity is a conscious choice. Their actions match their words and are congruent (compatible) with their values. This inspires confidence in their followers.
3) Values; The best leaders are mindful of their core values. They share them unabashedly (honestly, naively) and will do whatever it takes to hold true to them. Their values set the tone and provide behavioral guidelines for their followers.
4) Vision; Great leaders know where they’re headed and why. They’ve always got one foot in the future and one in the present. They view their role as manifesting (revealing) their vision of the future.
5) Passion; Passion fuels great leaders. It is a never-ending source of energy that separates the doers from the dreamers. It is what initially attracts followers and inspires them.
6) Confidence; Confidence is necessary for staying the course when things get tough. Great leaders have an abundance of confidence. (This can quickly turn into arrogance without the next quality to temper it.)
7) Curiosity; Along with listening, great leaders ask lots of questions. Their curiosity is insatiable. They constantly learn and hone their own skills. They are open about what they don’t know because their confidence lets them learn, absorb, and apply what they’ve learned. And they’re equal opportunity learners - they’re willing to learn from janitors to CEOs, from plumbers to musicians. They are ego-less when it comes to learning.
8) Positive Attitude; Great leaders might get 'down', but this is not their typical outlook. They are eternal optimists and always see the future as a reality. They find a way to solve a problem or overcome a new challenge. Attitude is often a choice. Great leaders choose to exude (radiate) the type of attitude that will influence their team in a positive way.
9) Competence; They are the best at what they do, always accomplishing more than expected. They accept what they’re not good at and are so self-secure that they surround themselves with people whose strengths complement their own. As a result, they attract followers who are continually inspired.
10) Empowerment; They set their people up for success. They don’t leave them to fend for themselves, nor do they throw them under a bus - for any reason.

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