3 Life Changing Habits
Successful people never watch TV. If you want to change your life then stop watching TV. Average mentality people watch TV. Intelligent people never watch TV. What is Television (Tell Lie Vision). A survey report tells that television gives us an unrealistic view of reality. Watching TV more than one hour; reduces 80%; your critical thinking, analytical thinking, analytical ability; due to misinformation and misinterpretation. $1400 Billion is spent as Global Advertising Budget on brainwashing. Brands would have invest this big amount to improve their product. Youtube, biography films is alternative, This will give you access point, reference point of life. Book reading and quick glance at important news apps are there.
If you want to change your life then change one keystone habit of your life. That can be exercise in morning or switch off mobile while studying or not eating junk food. Wake up, sleep, business, fun, friends, work, study, food, phone, job etc. are different parts of machine of life. We know this point that we have to change a lot in our life. Many times we think seriously to change our habits but we cannot. No need to change many things; only focus to one thing that is regulating the whole machine. That keystone habit is called root habit or catalyst main habit. List and understand the activities of the whole day. Highlight and recognise one main wheel (part) which will change the whole process. You can start your morning with daily exercise. Find methods to motivate and implement it. It's easy to motivate for one goal instead of 10 goals. This routine will fix many things of your life; wake up timing, go to bed timing, time to go to business, job on time. Due to exercise body gets more active, more fresh, more efficient. It can help to control eating junk food. As a result you will enjoy more discipline, more productivity, more will power, more efficiency, more fitness. Received more praise as a result of changing one key habit. Identify your catalyst keystone, main wheel habit; a habit which provides you happiness, a habit to which many other habits would be connected.

Habit is not one day game; it develops gradually. You have to work constantly to develop a habit. Invest five minutes for reading a great book before going to bed. It is like plowing a rough ground. This five minute habit of reading a good book before sleeping will bring a thousand changes in your life in one night. Thoughts multiply when we sleep. Use this miraculous power to leave as legend memory in this world. 
Khabar Nahin Kya Hai Naam Iss Ka, Khuda Farebi Ya Khud Farebi; Amal Se Farigh Huwa Musalman Bana Ke Taqdeer Ka Bahana
I can’t see what it is: is it self‐deception of deception of God?
Having invented the excuse of fate, the Muslim has ceased to act meaningfully. 


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