Success: How to be a Super Achiever
Question is how to be successful. Successful people are of two types; some people look like special and we cannot follow them, the other type we think is possible to follow them. 
There are two ways to live youth life; have a fun, game, instagram, facebook, vulgar friendship, TV, youtube, sleeping for long time without any schedule. Time is moving fast.
By the time, you will see the different results of working hard and taking life serious. But, now you cannot go back and start your career again. Chance is there that now you are stuck in miserable life. 
Wasting time in youth has grave consequences. Best utilization of synergies pays you much better. This is all planning. 
Adapting hard work life plan is the real way to compete the seriousness of time. You can manage your life better with planning. Especially year 20 in life is very very important. You can take advantage of this best year or stuck in suffering for the rest of your life. You cannot change the results but you can change the course and get better results. 
Life is not easy. Life is full of suffering. We try to avoid hardships in life. But on the other hand without hard exercise you will lose your health. Same thing gives you happiness, on the other time same thing become cause of pain. Fun youth time will not leave you alone without paying. But on the other hand youth time hard work will give you comfort for the rest of your life. 
Sometimes ordinary people do extraordinary things and vice versa. This is mostly rooted in determination and decision making. Some people have lack of confidence or late confidence. 
One has to start with jack of many trades. Dreams and plans change and modify with the time. But at each and every phase you have to take the decisions. Family set up and / or personal ability / capability matters and works. Self decisions matter. Then environment follows in both ways; spiral upward and / or downward. You can use mental framework for big dreams. Breaking the shell is not joke but not impossible. 
Routine work (short term) makes no significance in life. We are habitual of trying long term planning in the same way but it needs different approach. Human mind tries to play and drags to easy and short-term solution. It keeps us away from taking risks in hard and long-term planning. 
Eat the Elephant One Bite at a Time. Big and long work needs to be divided into small pieces. Writing a 300 pages book in 300 days (1 page a day) is easy. Implementation of plan in small steps is easy but in one shot sometimes impossible. Schedule on daily basis the important thing first and follow it firmly. Guard derailing your plan. 
Same principle is to be implemented on all plans; food, exercise, relationship. If we fell / slip into filth, what we do. We get out of it ASAP and clean ourselves. We don't stay there for more time and put more filth on us. If you face some irregularity, try to get back on track as early as possible. 
In long term plan, we have to face many distractions. Falling down and getting back up is the real learning from mistakes. Getting back on track and faith on hard work is a belief and it works. Sometimes genius, sometimes above average; do important tasks with their determination and planning. Cell phone, facebook, instagram, Whatsapp, snapchat, video games, youtube; is big source of distraction these days for youth but with your intelligence and courage, you can control it. Stop wastage of time or at least take control of your time. Enjoy yourself, don't be a fool. Once you diagnosed source of distraction and mindfully controlled it; you win. 70-80% youth is addicted into gadgets. Once you decided; 70-80% competition, you already won. These are options and priorities. Services is a big subject. Not only a job. “Don't be selfish in life; pass the ball. Winners in life's game are people who demonstrate that they are not greedy when they have abundant of supply. They share freely provided they have it! Do more than job. Passion and motive help to improve motivation. It helps to control distractions.
How can we retain motivation from instant to resilience? Motivation is needed like taking shower; everyday induction. These feelings need to get refreshed on regular basis, especially for career minded people. Get connected to steady motivation resources; youtube, articles, friends, relatives; e.g, news of fighter pilot girl in India. 
Joining a group or a friend circle will contribute a lot; it has more than 50% impact. Environment contributes a lot. Get the fruit or pay the bill, it's life career planning policy.
Do big plan, work in steps and watch facts and reality. Remove distractions. Be decisive. Make your standards and search for good resources. Preparation and initiation should be started right away. Best will go for higher competition. Super intelligence is good but persistency also works. Dream big and then work for it with consistent and persistent steps.  
Be away from text messaging and telephone while studying or doing something urgent. Win small battles and 80-90% competition will be automatically over. Be serious and you will be above majority who take things easy and not serious. Where there is will, there is a way.
Parents can play major role. Balanced environment is helpful. Thoughts, relationships matters. Planning and long term hard work is needed. Youth need to know few important things; which are not taught in school.
Kabhi Ae Naujawan Muslim, Tadabbur Bhi Kiya Tu Ne
Woh Kya Gardoon Tha Tu Jis Ka Hai Ek Toota Huwa Tara
Have ever you pondered, O Muslim youth, On deep and serious things? What is this world in which this you is only a broken star?
Imam Ali (AS): "Whoever has identified his self in reality has recognized his Creator."
When someone is mean, don’t listen. When someone is rude, walk away. When someone tries to put you down, stay firm. Don’t let someone else’s bad behavior destroy your inner peace.

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