Be A Lion
Sheep never use their mind. They follow the leader. Lion has courage to lead, never follow. Think to make your own path, knowing your strength, knowing your courage. Everyone has own lion inside, let it out, let it roar. Unleash the lion in you. Attitude is what you think, what you act, what you feel about yourself. Attitude is everything in life. What you achieve in life, how you respond in situation, depends upon attitude. How high you can go, it is decided by your attitude. Money has only limited contribution in life. The reality is attitude, never settle down, keep moving even in dire situation. 

Stop, think and have a clear approach in your life; you can follow the purpose of creation and prove your worth or you can follow your family, friends and 'great majority (fake)' and have no contribution. 

You need the lion attitude; the attitude which can change your destiny; the attitude of 'I can', 'I will', I can fight'. Mission to become successful make a lion like fire. Lions are not followers, they are leaders. Be lion and don't be chained with fear. Don't talk, be in action. Real lions prove themselves. They don't care about fame. Lion knows that world has to respect him. Sheep follows the leader. It needs bravery and courage to live your own life. Don't worry if someone follow you or not. Follow your heart. Only you know, what is best for you, which road is for you, what is in you. 

You have the heart of a lion inside you. Let it out. Don't fit in. Stand out and use your gift. Lion never use 'perhaps' or 'may be'. This is my mission and I will fight until I will get my own results. No one can push me. No one can tell me, what I want to do, where I want to go. If I need, I will use full of my power. But a sheep knows nothing. Sheep follows the crowd without knowing where all are going. Beware! 'great majority' has sheep mentality. Life, world and society; altogether use you in their own way and gradually and slowly you forget your purpose of creation. Now you become favorite of 'Great Majority', but not what you are supposed to be. Don't let anyone push you around. Be a lion. Roar with full power so that no one has doubt in you, no one dare to point finger on your goals, no one can dare to challenge you. You will shine like a star. You will live like a lion. 

Live 1 day as a lion or 100 years as a sheep; it's a choice.
A lion sleeps in the heart of every brave man.
A Lion does not lose sleep over the opinions of a sheep.
Attack your goals like your life depends on it.
If you are in the way of my goals and dreams, I suggest you move!
Everyone wants to EAT, but few are willing to hunt.
Never Back Down. Never Relent.
FEAR; False Evidence Appearing Real.
The devil whispers “You can not withstand the storm”. The warrior replies “I AM THE STORM”.
It’s not over until i win!
FEAR less. DOMINATE more.
The world is a jungle. You either fight and dominate or hide and evaporate.
Surround yourself with those who are HUNGRY FOR SUCCESS.
I will become whatever I BELIEVE I will become.
Don’t be ashamed of your scars. They are just reminders that you are a survivor. You are stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.
Find your purpose, become unstoppable.
When no one thinks you can, that’s when you have to!
I am not blessed because everything went right, I’m blessed cause I got fight!
Do I have all the answers: NO. Am I committed to finding them: YES!
I’ve been fighting since I was a child. I am not a survivor. I AM A WARRIOR!
Often, what hurts the most is what grows you the most.
I REFUSE to be ordinary. I will never settle for anything less than LEGENDARY!
I didn’t ask for average, and i won’t settle for it.

Agarche But Hain Jamat Ki Astinon Mein
Mujhe Hai Hukm-e-Azan, La Ilaha Illallah

Many idols are still concealed in their sleeves by the Faithful Fold, I am ordained by Almighty Allah to raise the call and be much bold.

Kabhi Ae Naujawan Muslim, Tadabbur Bhi Kiya Tu Ne
Woh Kya Gardoon Tha Tu Jis Ka Hai Ek Toota Huwa Tara
Have ever you pondered, O Muslim youth, On deep and serious things? What is this world in which this you is only a broken star?

Hadees-e-Dil Kisi Darvaish-e-Be-Gileem Se Puch
Khuda Kare Tujhe Tere Maqam Se Aagah
Ask an unclad dervish what the heart doth say,
May God show you your place in the world of men.

Kund Zehan Technique

Treatment for making your brain sharp, to deal with procrastination and laziness. Every morning; blow hot water into nasals alternatively empty stomach.

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