Boredom and Creativity
"Boredom (disengagement) is the root of all evil, the despairing (lack of meaning) refusal to be oneself." Boredom can kill oneself. Adventure and exploration is real face of life. Push the human race forward. End the suffocation. Violence and boredom has close relationship. People smile and even then commit crime. Bored teenager is a serious problem for health and society. Gift yourself with engaging in life. A journey from boredom to engagement. 1) Learn to be a self starter. Use power of initiative along with team of committed people. Don't wait instructions from anyone. Taking action with new ideas. When you start, you don't know. where move will go. But you are using the power of initiation. Once you step forward; scattered energy / resources / connections; converge to concrete meaningful shape. Book; 'Man's Search for Meaning is a 1946 book by Viktor Frank' worth to read. He talks about logo (meaning) therapy. He was imprisoned in concentration (death) cell. He says, use scattered energy within you by taking initiative. Come up with new plan and tell the world, this is going to happen. World will follow you. 'Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.' The rest steps will present to you. 2) Deliberate push out from comfort zone. Move from passive experiences to active experiences. Spending time on social media is drainage of energy. It has become a source of distraction. Engagement of Life means going deeper into life experiences and purpose (cooking, cleaning up, learning new skills, learning new language, do new things, be alive with something). Move away from glass screen and come to the reality. Boredom means you are living in a stable environment and doing same thing again and again. Do even little changes in your routine and you will find some creativity and purpose in your life. As a human being, our body is not designed to keep our body in same position for a long period of time. We were hunters and foragers (the acquisition of food by hunting, fishing). Job and industrialization is a new thing. 3) Make work fun and humor. In schools, we are still following the old, boring style. Some teachers use humor while teaching. 4) Daily exercise; it generates positive hormones. 104 year old marathon runner is an example. He started at the age of 81. He correlated his running with meaning and purpose (not with fame or any other gain). With retirement the drastic fall of activity and health can be noticed very often. Post retirement philanthropists (a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes) live long and happy life. We, as human being, have burning desire to make a difference. Our Hierarchy of Needs; physical (the need for air, water, food, rest, health), security (the need for safety, shelter, stability), social (the need for being loved, belonging, inclusion), ego (the need for self esteem, power, recognition, prestige), self-actualization (the need for development and creativity).
Boredom is killer, has health issues and others.
You are visitor on this planet, don't get bored. Put your dreams into action. Volunteer non-profit projects. Exercise, move around, do something valuable. Richest place on this planet is your inner, your ideas, your creativity. Take the first step to make these things reality. “Spring has passed. Summer has gone. Winter is here… and the song that I meant to sing remains unsung. For I have spent my days stringing and unstringing my instrument.” “When you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die, the world cries while you rejoice.” Time is limited, don't delay, take action and start from important things in your life.
Tu Reh Naward-e-Shauq Hai, Manzil Na Kar Qabool
Laila Bhi Hum-Nasheen Ho To Mehmil Na Kar Qabool

If you traverse the road of love, Donʹt yearn to seek repose or rest: If Layla be your companion close that litter shun with great contempt.
When someone is mean, don’t listen. When someone is rude, walk away. When someone tries to put you down, stay firm. Don’t let someone else’s bad behavior destroy your inner peace.

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