Great But Fake Majority
Our life is like a car. Screen of this life car is our thoughts, feelings, imagination and intuitions. In childhood this screen was crystal clear. With growth, this screen started getting dirty due to our 'great' environment; family, friends, self thinking. We accepted this dirty screen our luck and never had 'time' to clean it up. We accepted defeats, misconceptions; we forgot dreams. Our base became, 'NO'; I can't do business, I'm average student, I can't become; a great salesperson,  a great spouse, a great teacher, I can't think big. I'm an average person. 
This is a self accepted belief. We let our screen become dirty. When we started learning to walk, we were falling, getting up, falling, getting up, ...... by ourselves without blaming anyone. When someone asked, what you will become. Our answer was not small. Gradually, we started to degrade our dreams and answers. The reason was dirty screen. We never have 'time' to clean our screen. In childhood, nobody was there to tell us, you can't. Gradually, we were influenced from our 'great' consultants, NO, NO, NO, ..... We accepted, majority is 'right' (fake, misconception). This majority is 'very generous' and provides 'consultancy' free of charge on 'voluntary basis'; even time to time organize some promotional get-together programs to get approval that their 'consultancy business' is legitimate.
During learning of walking, countless times, we fell, get up, fell, get up .... Never thought to blame anyone. How this big change stepped in. The screen was crystal clean in the beginning; no blaming, no excuses, big dreams, never accepted defeat, kept on trying until successful. By the time, started getting influenced from 'great' majority, environment. We let our thought screen become dirty. 
The speed of life car started getting slow, with no clear vision, due to dirty screen. The extent the vision allowed, we started accepting it as our destiny, our luck.
Take a chance, clean this screen. It is not impossible. Try to believe in yourself, try to trust in God gifted capabilities. Your dreams will come true, why not. Transform I can't into I can. Then you will see, how big problems will be getting solved. Start convincing yourself, I can instead of thinking, I can't. When you will start believing in yourself, you will be getting solutions to problems. 
Don't continue focusing on dirt of screen, clean it up and then say, yes, I can do. Next step is; how can I do. You will start getting ways. Vision will be getting clear. Life car will be picking up speed. Trust in life will start improving. From today onward, promise to yourself; I will never drive with dirty screen. My screen will be crystal clean; period. I am starting trust in my God gifted capabilities with fullest of my unlimited potential. I will found solutions anyway. 100% confidence, 100% belief is the key to each and every success. Write your wish list with dates and target dates. Try this power of writing wish list. We have unlimited potential. We just started believing in 'GREAT' majority (fake) consultancy. 

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