Signs of Successful and Effective People
Here are research results that you can learn and adapt the habits of successful people, you will achieve the same level of success. Great people have contributions. They are result oriented, they are role models. They have credibility; they acknowledge, they value, they respect, they have unconditional love, they help to lift up others. They are generous. They focus on their passion and also help and facilitate others. They are never leg pullers. They value others, no matter what status they have. Equality brings blessings in their lives. Sometimes master is riding, other time servant is riding (an example from history). They add value to others lives, they facilitate. Acknowledgement is associated with character, not with knowledge. We have misdefined and limitised the term character. We have confined it to few things. Integrity profounds character.
Never share personal sufferings. Don't crave for mercy, self-pity. Never expose family shortcomings to others. It will not produce good results. Appreciation and gratitude helps to grow piousness. Commitment is a growing feature. Plan, be proactive, schedule; make your time effective. Book reading saves time (while waiting someone). Waste of time is a crime. Time is a blessing from the Creator. Wasting time must shock you. Negligence, laziness is sign of declination. Know, learn and adapt habits of Successful and effective people; it will help you to grow.

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