Having Mindful Goal is Key to Success 
The next best predictor of lifetime success is conscientiousness (carefulness). Of the two aspects of conscientiousness, say orderliness (tidiness) and industriousness (sincerity, seriousness), the better predictor is industriousness.
So the question is, well, what can you do about your industriousness?
And the answer to that is, well, that's kind of rough too, because there's a strong genetic component. 
But, you can work on micro-habits with regards to your conscientiousness. The best thing you can do with regards to your conscientiousness, is to set up some aims for yourself, goals that you actually value. 
Basically, you start from situational analysis. It helps you do a situational analysis of your life, more than a psychological analysis. 
You're going to have to put some effort into your life. You need to be motivated to do that. And so, what are the potential sources of motivation? Well, you could think about them in the big five manners. If you're extroverted you want friends. If you're agreeable you want an intimate relationship. If you're disagreeable you want to win competitions (the activity or condition of competing). If you're open, you want to engage in creative activity. If you're high in neuroticism (abnormally sensitive, obsessive, or tense and anxious) you want security. 
Okay, so those are all sources of potential motivation, that you could draw on, that you could tailor to your own personality.
But then there are dimensions that you want to consider your life across. And so we ask people about, well, if you could have the life the way you wanted it in three to five years, if you were taking care of yourself properly, what would you want from your friendships? What would you want from your intimate relationship? How would you like to structure your family? What do you want for your career? How are you going to use your time outside of your job? And how are you going to regulate your mental, physical health, and maybe also your drug use? 
Because that's a good place to auger down [any of various tools or devices with a helical shaft or part that are used for boring holes (as in wood, soil, or ice) or moving loose material (such as snow)], 'cuz drug, for example, wipes out 5 to 10 percent of people. So you want to keep that under control. 
And then, maybe you develop a vision of what your life, what you would like your life to be, and that associates with the goal, where once the goal is established, and then you break down the goal into micro-processes that you can implement. 
The micro-processes become rewarding, in proportion, in relation to their causal association with the goal. And that tangles in your incentive reward system. 
Let's talk about the dopamine (a chemical that is responsible for "love at first sight". It makes you infatuated with somebody. It makes you sort of high and happy) urge of consent and reward system, and that's the thing that keeps you moving forward. 
And the way it works is that it works better if it produces positive emotion when it can see you moving towards a valued goal. 
Okay, well, what's the implication of that? 
Better have a valued goal, because otherwise you can't get any positive motivation working out, and so the more valuable the goal, in principle, the more the micro-processes associated with that goal start to take on a positive charge. 
And so what that means is, well you get up in the morning and you're excited about the day. You're ready to go. And so as far as I can tell, what you so is you specify your long term ideal. Maybe you also specify a place you want to stay the hell away from, so that you're terrified to fail, as well as excited about succeeding, 'cuz that's also useful. You specify your goal. You do that, in some sense as a unique individual. You want to specify goals that make you say, oh, if that could happen as a consequence of my efforts, it would clearly be worthwhile.
Tu Raaz-E-Kun Fakan Hai, Apni Ankhon Par Ayan Ho Ja
Khudi Ka Raazdan Ho Ja, Khuda Ka Tarjuman Ho Ja
You are the secret of creation, see yourself in your eyes;
Share the secret of your own self, become the spokesman of God.
Imam Ali (AS): "Whoever has identified his self in reality has recognized his Creator."

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