How to Get Rid of Overthinking?

Very easy; play with children for 15 minutes. Where is the root of problem? 'I, my; past, future'. Trapped in me; why he said this to me? why he did this to me? Just try to contact him / her and you will get very logical and simple reasoning but we don't. Once try this change the focus from me, thoughts go away; right away. When we stay at some scenery place (hilly area) to observe sunrise, we don't have over-flow of thoughts. Over there we forget ourselves. You can do it in the park where children are playing. Get indulge, involve with their happiness and notice the difference. Learn to become happy when others are happy. Otherwise you will always be sad from jealousy. Self-Absorption is the root of all (psychological) evil. Self-Centered goals make us unhappy. Self-Absorption may be the root of all mental health issues. Depression is the result of Self-Centeredness. 
Children have perfect health. Their brain has not polluted (with dreams, ambitions, past, future - so called) yet. Children are enjoying only and only the present. Pray for them; for their protection from pollution. We all are prisoned and chaining others in. 
By thinking with peaceful mind, you will find that there is no problem in my life. Or you will find simple solution of your big problems. Important decisions of life take no time. They come right away. Take the decision and that's it. Prolonged problems with prolonged solutions have no importance. With clear mind, decisions are already there (fast and correct). 
Detach yourself from problem and now take the decision. It would be lot easier. What is spirituality? Detach yourself from thoughts related to me. Thoughts related to me is wrong track. 
We trap in our own thoughts. Others' thoughts never destroy us; our own do. Self Consciousness affects our self-confidence. Self-Esteem and Self-Awareness is the real approach. Attach yourself with nature, with universe; and then see the difference. 
If you discuss your problem with some friend, he right away provides you the solution. Same we can do with ourselves. It makes no difference while something happens to others. But when same thing happens to me, I take it in different way. No, this is wrong. Nothing happens special nowhere. It's same everywhere, including us. A cut on my finger is a huge problem. If someone loses hand or life; we take it as there is not a big deal. Look, how big stupidity we are trapped in. Freeing ourselves from 'me', 'I' is real growth, is real maturity. Where needed to think, think. Where needed to take action, take. Struggle, strive, prove yourself. Figure out the way. Find out the solution. What is level of problem, where we fit. Our choices are opposite. Where we have to stop and think, we're taking action and vice versa. We are just passing our time; TV, text messaging, chilling with friends; we have taken life for granted. We are not serious with life. Identify root and move accordingly. For materialistic deficiency; work hard, for people; think rightly. Don't change people, change yourself.

Waye Nakami! Mataa-e-Karwan Jata Raha
Karwan Ke Dil Se Ehsas-e-Ziyan Jata Raha
How disappointing! The caravan’s wealth is gone
The feeling of loss from caravan’s heart is gone

When someone is mean, don’t listen. When someone is rude, walk away. When someone tries to put you down, stay firm. Don’t let someone else’s bad behavior destroy your inner peace.

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