How to Make a Child Genius
Genes are very important. Out of box thinking games and activities are helpful during pregnancy. Especially, it is very important for woman to be busy in happy activities during pregnancy. During early age, to stop a kid from an activity, never or minimum use the word 'NO'. British research says that a child listens word 'NO', 70,000 times in first 2 years of age. Repetition of a word for 3 times imprints on brain as a mind pattern. It becomes the reason of limiting confidence and turning things difficult for innocent kids in life. Babies are always created genius. Environment and training influences a lot. Colors and games attract and help to open mind of the children. Kindergarten is best time for children.
Class 1 starts with complicated math and others sciences; unnecessary stuff. Poor child gets deprived of right brain thinking exercises. Some human, by nature are more attracted to different features; tones of voices, rhythm, birds chirping, voice of Hazrat Dawood (AS) is an example. Proper provision may be helpful for right brain activities. It is very difficult to say everything 'Haram' and illegitimate. Enjoying swinging, sleeping time - telling small stories, ethics; help kids to grow their creativity. Parents, in-laws conflicts; be refrained in front of kids. Respect others in front of kids. This would help kids to learn respect for others. Don't make party the innocent kids. For a while, it looks great to one party exploiting the kids but in the long run, the kids would suffer with confliction (tazad; confusion who is right).
Some communities are practicing these techniques for upbringing their children and getting the results, so can we.

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