Human Tendency
Networking; four types of people. Once you learn, your efficiency to work with people, to earn respect will enhance exponentially. All four types have different types of strengths, qualities and weaknesses. Life (Rose) without thorns (problems) is not life. This knowledge is very important for all relationships. Learn the qualities of all four types and adopt their strengths and qualities, not their weaknesses. 1) Sanguine; excitement, pleasure, joy 2) Choleric; Management, discipline 3) Melancholic; Perfectionist, Idealistic 4) Phlegmatic; Easy living people. Every news is ordinary for them. 

These four types you will find everywhere; at home, at office, in business. 
While sinking of the RMS Titanic; all four types were acting according to their nature. Some were very excited, some were planning to rescue people, some were planning to prolong the sinking process and there were people who even don't care what was happening. Ego and (tendency) nature is everywhere different. Mind the tendency of the facing personality and with only this one skill 90% disagreements over. You have to act according to the tendency of your front person. Four minutes late; now you speak on benefits of discipline and you will win the business. Melancholic needs technical details. Outspoken, ego.

4 Different Personality Types

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