Husband Wife Relationship
Relationship between wife and husband is on spot in the whole world. One can face business crisis, troubled life, kid's life suffering and life of all related affects. Personal life affect business life and imprints reflection. There is no way to hide or escape. Network marketing; up line, down line, cross line. Spouse is most important part of your life. It would need care, value, attention. Time has gone when female was oppressed. Time is changing. Female is doing the jobs even male cannot think about. Everyone spouse needs admiration; manage and create an ideology in life. Involve and respect each other. In old ideology both were targeting each other. But all the community has very good remarks for both. All that glitters is not gold. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. System has done a lot; even a partner sitting at home has a lot interaction with outside through TV and social media. Same is with outer world. Small issues grow into monster by the time. Learn to deal with spouse as business partner. Work to foster positive environment. Where ever you move from present position, you will start thinking for another place for more satisfaction. Nowhere is completely perfect. In each and every position; one will face obsession by the time. Focus wherever you are, you will be fine. Otherwise you will crunch into a lot of mess. Money and position plays a pivot role in this movement. One ignores the realities of life to enjoy the chance. Jumping out of the fire into the frying pan - is all over. Whenever you know someone completely, your heart will be dissatisfied. Delay is OK but don't run off the reality. Repeat it and make it your habit. Believing will take time but that's fine. Making belief the right things is the real solution. Start appreciating what we have, stop complaining. Fake it until you make it. This formula is for both wife and husband. Time of fantasy is over. Both wife and husband are unique in the world. Wealth makes one deaf and blind. Band (hus) needs some hands to work. Don't distort yourself in following others distorted. Everyone is responsible for their actions and you are for yours. Make yourself ideal, everything will be fine. With small changes you can get big change in results. Human is weak in nature, so take advantage of it. Change the taste with small things and make life interesting from both sides (spouse). On food time don't discuss the problems of the whole world. He can fight with tigers but if he has stung form home then game is over. Maintain your relationship as legendary spouse.
Love for others whatever you love for yourself and dislike for others what you dislike for yourself.

Tu Reh Naward-e-Shauq Hai, Manzil Na Kar Qabool
Laila Bhi Hum-Nasheen Ho To Mehmil Na Kar Qabool
If you traverse the road of love, Donʹt yearn to seek repose or rest: If Layla be your companion close that litter shun with great contempt.

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