Improve Self Confidence

a) Acquire Knowledge about your subject, skill and be good.

b) Truth; will make you brave. Keep the distance from falsehood. Try to refrain from "Chor ke dadhi me tinka" “The thief has a burning hat.” ‘The burning hat’ refers to the thief’s uneasy conscience.' “On the head of the thief, burns his hat”. Or “A thief is his own worst accuser”. “He who is the thief, has got his hat on fire”. “A hat on a thief burns”. “He who steals the chicken, has inevitably got its feathers stuck onto/glued onto his head”. “ Conscience betrays guilt”. “A guilty conscience feels continual fear.” “Clear conscience never fears midnight knocking.” (A guilty conscience fears every knock on the door - day or night, because he is constantly in a fear that he's going to be taken into custody.) “A guilty conscience needs no accuser”
c) Self-Understanding; helps to understand world. Someone said bad word to Socrates. Socrates ignored. On asking about this action, Socrates simply replied; he was not talking about me.
d) Trust in Almighty. Above mentioned traits will help you to become a valuable trustworthy being.

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