Top Ten Rules for Success; 'Musts' List Defines Your Character
Every human has a “should” list (pending, seldom works) and “musts” list (on agenda). “Musts” List defines actions and what to do and these actions define character building, raising the standards.
Ultimately, if you're going to have lasting change in anything, you're really talking about just raising your standards. I mean, I always tell people; if you want to know how to change your life, I'll give it to you in three words, boring as it sounds, "raise your standards." Now, what does that mean, "raise your standards"? This is a breakthrough thought. Lasting change is different than a goal. You don't always get your goals, but you always get your standards. Maybe what'll help you is to think about it this way. I try to explain standards to people with a different set of words. Think of it as everybody in life gets their "musts." They don't get their "shoulds."
Think about it. Most people have a list of "shoulds"; don't they? Don't you have a list of "shoulds," things you should do, you should follow through on? "I should lose some weight." "I should work out more." "I should make more calls." "I should respond more rapidly to my email," whatever. "I should get into the office earlier." "I should be more confident."
Whatever your "should" list, people love to have their "should" list be met, but it's like New Year's resolutions. If it does, it's really exciting. If it doesn't, which is most of the time, it's a little disappointing, but you kind of know it's not going to happen.
When you decide something is a "must" for you, an absolute "must," when you cut off any possible ... you say, "I'm going to find a way, or I'm going to make the way." Human beings, when they resolve things, when they make a real resolution inside themselves, which is they raise the standard and they make it a "must," they find the way.
Think about it in your own life. Haven't you had some area of your life where you raised your standard, and your life has never been the same? Maybe, at one time in your life, you smoked cigarettes. Or you did something, and you did it for years. You kept trying to change it, trying to change it and kept telling yourself, "I should." Then, one day, something happened. Something just clicked you over. Something took you over that tipping point, and inside yourself, you said, "No more." That was a very, very different experience; wasn't it?
Something inside of you shifted. What was a "should" became a "must," and you've never gone back. Is there an area like that in your life that you can think of? Again, did you ever smoke cigarettes? Did you ever eat a certain way and then finally say, "No more," and you just don't go back? Notice this; it doesn't really take any willpower, anymore, because somewhere, when we make this click, when we make something a "must," we attach ourselves to it. It becomes part of our identity.
Aayen-e-Nau Se Darna, Tarz-e-Kuhan Pe Urna
Manzil Yehi Kathan Hai Qoumon Ki Zindagi Mein
To be afraid of the new ways, to insist on the old ones
This is the only difficult stage in the life of nations

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