Power of Business Growth
Networking is better than breaking. Growth is in business. Livelihood is in job. When you go for business, don't stuck in one product. Statistically 3% by owner and 97% growth through team, network, people. Breaking practice came into practice and networking together is becoming tougher. Many specialist doctors instead of one, many countries instead of one big country. Joint family system gone. Harvard University Survey Research published a report; what people do when electricity is not working in USA, Japan and IndoPak. USA people call electricity department and they look after the matter. 99% Japanese deal by themselves. IndoPak people look around and then practice patience. This is breaking mentality; do nothing, look around and live in self pity. Breaking mentality is so deep now, it has become part of DNA. Holland (the Netherlands) was attacked by Alexander and captured five villages. It is a country where sea water level is higher than land. They make walls around the cities to be safe from water. The king of Holland ordered to break the walls and Alexander had to leave the country. Holland drowned five villages and saved the country from slavery.
Network marketing has proven itself to be a viable and rewarding source of income. One has to make filtration and sense system more strong

The best way to get wealth and sustenance is trade. The Holy Prophet has said that Allah has divided sustenance into ten parts, out of which nine parts lie in business and the remaining one lies in the other walks of life. The Holy Prophet engaged himself in business.

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