Power of Routine
No one can live without a routine. Just forget that. If you don't have a routine, I would recommend you get one. Because you cannot be mentally healthy without a routine. You need to pick a time to get up. Whatever time you want, but pick one. And stick to it, 'cuz otherwise you dis-regulate your circadian rhythms, and they regulate your mood.
So you want to take everything that's negative and emotional, and transform that into a fully articulated vision for your future. That frees you of your past. You shouldn't be thinking about your past. I mean, maybe if you're 80, and you're going over a well-spent life, that's a whole different thing. But if you're 20, 30, or 35, and most of the time you're thinking about your past, it's like your soul is trapped back there. You need to free it through investigation. The metaphysical language is appropriate, because that is in the sense what you're doing. You're trapped in the past. It's like you've got to break free of that, so you can use all your resources to move ahead into the future. Have a routine, that's disciplined, that's predictable, and well stick to it.
You're going to be way healthier, happier, and saner (reasonable; sensible), if you do that.
The other thing that you need. This is one of the things the psychoanalysts got wrong, I think, is that they overestimated the degree to which sanity (wisdom) was a consequence of internal, of being properly structured internally. 'Cuz from the psychoanalytic point of view, you're sort of an ego, and that ego is inside you. Of course it rests on an unconscious structure, but the purpose of psychoanalysis is to sort out that unconscious structure and the ego on top of it, and to make you a fully functioning, and autonomous individual.
But there's a problem with that, because the reason that you're sane (wise) as a fully functional and autonomous human being isn't because you've organized your psyche, even though that's important. The reason that you're sane, if you have a well-organized unconscious and ego, is because other people can tolerate having you around for reasonably extensive periods of time, and will cuff you across the head every time you do something so stupid that people will dislike you permanently if you continue.
So what people are doing to each other all the time, just no- stop, is broadcasting sanity signals back and forth. It's like you smile at people if they're, not only behaving properly, but behaving in a way that you would like to see them continue to behave. You frown (to bring your eyebrows together so that there are lines on your face above your eyes to show that you are annoyed or worried) at them if they're not. You ignore them if they're not. You shun (to avoid something) them. You roll your eyes at them. You manifest a disgust face. You don't listen to them, you interrupt them. You won't cooperate with them. You won't compete with them. It's like you're blasting signals at other people about how to regulate their behavior, so frequently, it just makes up all of your social interaction.
That's why we face each other. We have emotional displays on our face, and we're looking at each other’s eyes. And we know exactly, as much as we can about what's going on with each other, given that we don't have immediate access to the contents of their consciousness.
Partly what you're doing with your routine is establishing yourself as a credible, reliable, trustworthy, potentially interesting human being, who isn't going to do anything too erratic at any moment. And everyone else is around there tapping you into shape, making sure that that's exactly what you are. And that's how you stay sane.
What happens to people too, if they don't have routine, and they get isolated, is they start to drift. They drift badly, because the world is too complicated for you to keep it organized all by yourself. You just cannot do it. So we outsource the problem of sanity (wisdom, sense), and it's very intelligent that we outsource the problem of sanity because sanity is an impossibly complex problem. So the way we are managing this incredibly complex problem, is we have a very large number of brains working simultaneously on the problem all the time.

Tu Raaz-E-Kun Fakan Hai, Apni Ankhon Par Ayan Ho Ja
Khudi Ka Raazdan Ho Ja, Khuda Ka Tarjuman Ho Ja
You are the secret of creation, see yourself in your eyes;
Share the secret of your own self, become the spokesman of God.
Imam Ali (AS): "Whoever has identified his self in reality has recognized his Creator." 

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