Rise, Rise, Rise
With very poor background, very poor start of career; Jack says; opportunities are always there where people complain. Stop and get to the bottom of that complain, that's opportunity. Sometimes, all your relatives, family, even parents, friends, people don't believe in your idea but you believe and it works. Work, work, work; day and night on your idea; with your team and you get the results. It takes time to make the ground. Never complain, let the other people complain. Failed people complain. Don't waste your own time and other's in complaining. Use your own brain to think. Think about to make a difference. Once you think then start working on it. Move and action can make everyday new for you. Work very hard; either you work for others or for yourself. While you opt working for yourself own, don't forget helping others. Helping and sharing with others will make you more successful and happy.

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