Self-Discipline and Success
“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”
Self Discipline Is The Center Of All Material Success.
99% of people who say stuff like that are NOT willing to do what it takes to make their dreams come true.” – Will Smith. “The Marines have a saying: 'Everyone wants to get to heaven. But nobody wants to die.'
As food is necessary for body; Self Discipline for mind and action. 
Meditate, study more, quit bad habits, exercise, adapt new good habits, stop smoking, stop eating junk food.
Win the Morning, Win the Day: The 5 Elements of a Morning Routine.
Win the Day With Great Morning Routine.
You win the first hour and last hour of the day, you win the day.
Want to Change Your Habits? Change Your Environment.
The price of discipline is always less than the pain of regret. Choose wisely.
Building character is associated with getting things done in a systematic way.
A Systematic Approach To Achieving Productivity.
Lazy life is full of regrets and poor choices.
Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue? Surgeons and CEOs.
Guard your mind and don't watch negative shows and news. Keep looking for learning and discipline.
Practice Self-Discipline with Self-Love.
Whether you are embarking on an exercise regimen, attempting work that you have been procrastinating about, or trying to establish a new healthy habit, you’ll get farther and you’ll get better results if you do it with a pleasant and loving attitude. Treat yourself gently and allow your strengths and talents to slowly emerge. Work every day, and work consistently, but work tenderly. You must not diminish or destroy yourself while trying to improve your life — build yourself up while you go out of your comfort zone.
Discipline, Don’t Punish, it's long term self love.
If you have a test on Monday, not recommended to go out for party on weekend nights.
"The road to sustained happiness is through disciplining your behavior."
“Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period.”
Khudi Ki Mout Se Hindi Shikasta Balon Par
Qafas Huwa Hai Hilal Aur Ashiyana Haraam!
The self of Indians is extinct, By pinions cleft is made distinct. For they are pleased with prison life, To break the bars they wage no strife!
When someone is mean, don’t listen. When someone is rude, walk away. When someone tries to put you down, stay firm. Don’t let someone else’s bad behavior destroy your inner peace.

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