Start of Absolute Freedom Journey
Parents kick out their baby bird after certain growth time; push to fly. Some babies even die. Traditionally, in our society, parents prefer to provide protection to their children unnecessarily. Sometimes, parents and society, even oppose to move forward. In human society, everyone has living, clothing but in race to get more (big house); this is a never ending race. The whole human life is influenced with some illusions. Our actions are pivoted on dissatisfaction, unhappiness; based on comparisons. Failure is in comparison of what ... ? Living is necessity (rest, protection, security). Even unnecessary rest is boring. To achieve highest possibility is Natural Desire of human being. Through illusions and conditioning; we have some fake desires; big house, more money, fame, expansion of business, better position. Every effort is to earn money; education, etc. Everyone is stuck with nest / home (big) / money (more). No one has time to stop / think / know / talk about flight / freedom / expression. Doing effort with greed / fear is not effort with freedom. If speech is tied to audience; then control is with audience; not with speaker. Flying with freedom and trying for home  (big) / money (more) is bondage are two different things.
Birds; we can tied them on physical level; not on mind level. It will fly; not caring about any greed. Are we human being physically tied? NO. We all are intelligently tied badly on mind level (with conditioning). As a result; despite achieving everything; dissatisfaction is still there. What is missing; we are not even aware. From childhood until end; we don't get familiar with freedom.
What is Complete / Absolute Freedom for a human? Otherwise there is no freedom at all.
Unrest, discomfort, dissatisfaction, sadness, unhappiness; is sign of bondage. Freedom (highest possibility) is overcoming these false, fake bondage / desires / fears. We can easily blame to other people for this bondage. But if we decide to get free, no one is here to stop us. It's totally on me; that I resist against this bondage or not. If I don't resist, anyone can pose bondage on me.
Needs, necessities; are not source of bondage. Misconception, fake desires, illusion; that money is the only solution; is source of bondage. At the end, we are believing that nest (home) is freedom (flight). If someone will offer us more money, we are ready to that bondage.
Logical and bluff is separate. Status is not logical. We are bonded with status (expensive mobile), etc. Society is forcing us to do such things against our will. Whatever option we take, ultimately we are trying to prove something to society. In all professions, you have to surrender your freedom. Without this we cannot earn money; this is a belief. Reality is that we can earn money without surrendering our freedom.
Money was everything before; we are just spending it with care now. We are now controlling money; money is not driving us. Now you are starting to live life intelligently, not foolishly. Spending for proving something is foolish action. Difference between human (mind level chain) and animal (physical chain) is like this. You accept then you believe under different fake desires / illusions / bondings. Understanding is knowledge, comprehension; it's not acceptance. Once you get out of acceptance, now you are ready to know. This is Start of Absolute Freedom Journey. 'Only you can free yourself from yourself.'

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