The 7R Theory
Third biggest fear of losing money. Parable of the Pipeline by Burke Hedges. Two young boys build a pipeline from river to the village and replaced the fetching by buckets. Although they faced criticism and ridiculous comments. While sleeping, on vacations, chilling with friends, sick, retired, die; water was available to the village. They provided pipeline to many villages. 95% population of the world; they are bucket carriers; may be more. 5% are the people who have created the pipelines in their lives. Active motive and passive motive; are two modes of life. Passive doesn't mean passive; here passive means deep process. 7 R Theory; Rate (price of items, clothes), Remuneration (price of services; doctors etc.), Replication (effort of the man transferred into machine, photocopier is an example, movies and films, DVDs), Rent (property, vehicle, equipment), Royalty (creation, intellectual property - Candy Crush making a lot daily, Apple has now revenue more than GDP of 150 countries, book writing, viral video, blogs, App creation, youtube, amazon), Rights (franchisee, brand, licencing, in 1950's McDonalds started with 10 locations grown to 36,000 now, J. K. Rowling writer of Harry Potter), Returns (stock market; in 1970 if 10,000 was invested in Vibro today worth 3 billion, $19 to $10,000 in 100 years, investment in property, art, dividends). Create a system and then it will work for you. Poor people work, rich people network. Educate and empower the people. 1 Million students reached in a short period of time.

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