Understanding Self
Because even if something goes sideways, you think there's something to be derived from this. That's wisdom, fundamentally.
Plan a life you'd like to have, and you do that partly by referring to social norms. That's more or less rescuing your father from the belly of the whale. But the other way you do that is by having a little conversation with yourself, as if you don't really know who you are because you know what you're like. You won't do what you're told. You won't do what you tell yourself to do. You must have noticed that. It's like you're a bad employee, and a worse boss. Both of those work for you. You don't know what you want to do, and then when you tell yourself what to do, you don't do it anyway.
So you should fire yourself, and find someone else to be. But, my point is that you have to understand that you're not your own servant, so to speak. You're someone that you have to negotiate with. You're someone that you want to present the opportunity of having a good life to. That's hard for people, 'cuz they don't like themselves very much. So, they're always like cracking the whip (behave in a domineering and demanding way toward one's subordinates) and then procrastinating, and cracking the whip and then procrastinating. It's so boring, and it's such a pathetic (arousing pity, especially through vulnerability or sadness) way of spending your time.
If you can figure your life, so that what you are generally doing is aiming at the highest possible good, then the things that you need to survive and to thrive on a day to day basis will deliver themselves to you. That's a hypothesis, and it's not some simple hypothesis?
Because what it basically says is, if you dare to do the most difficult thing that you can conceptualize your life will work out better than it will if you do anything else. How are you going to find out if that's true?
It's a Kierkegaardian leap of faith (freedom could actually lead to fear; freedom to choose inevitably involved feeling anxiety over which path to choose, even as it simultaneously inspired joy). There's no way you're going to find out whether or not that's true unless you do it. No one can tell you either, just because it works for someone else, I mean that's interesting and all that. But it's no proof that it'll work for you. You have to be all in this game.
There is no more effective way of operating in the world, to conceptualize the highest good that you can, and then strive to attain it. There's no more practical pathway to the kind of success that you could have if you actually knew what success was. 

Tu Raaz-E-Kun Fakan Hai, Apni Ankhon Par Ayan Ho Ja
Khudi Ka Raazdan Ho Ja, Khuda Ka Tarjuman Ho Ja
You are the secret of creation, see yourself in your eyes;
Share the secret of your own self, become the spokesman of God.
Imam Ali (AS): "Whoever has identified his self in reality has recognized his Creator." 

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