Why Underestimate
Chewing Stick (miswak) seller; introduces himself as timber merchant; a very practical approach. Respect your job, business. Be honest. Consider your work as worship. Involve yourself fully in what you are doing. You have to face challenges. Your family, close friends; will pose negative remarks. They refer their age, experience, example of failed people etc. Four years before I suffered burning in my mouth due to moong dal halwa. Now he is not eating anymore. One morning he get up early in the morning, his head was spinning and he was feeling dazed, now he just left to try to get up early in the morning. 
You have to identify the difference between root and cause; real and unreal. We have to develop the sense to look into the root of the problem. If you will hit with stick a dog and a lion; both will respond differently. Dog will catch the stick but lion will not leave you alive. Look into philosophy; you put example of successful people in front of your children but in your own case you excuse by failed people. We try to prepare our child to work hard but ourselves find excuses. Only human child learns to walk in one year and even get hurt while learn to walk. Human is lazy by nature. Sometimes we compare some children; they walk in 9-12 months. Some creations can walk in one day, some in 5 days. We have got trapped in naysayers. One example is when we come out to find match for our young son or daughter; we continue until it is completed. No matter how many naysayers we encounter. Use same attitude in other affairs of life.

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